Server Update! BNR Season XXII

New Update! Work Cart and Tunnel System, Please check out the Rustafied video for more info about the new content system.

BNR Servers are Updated New Map, New BP Wipe, New Tunnel System!

Brave New Rust Season XXII is LIVE!

Don’t forget to join our Discord Server! Thanks again for playing!

Thanks again! Mod Team for watching the server! (Lali, Subie)

Stay Rusty,
Soma Pills

BNR Season XXII Modded

Hola its Soma,

Were ending the Season XXI Vanilla Server and moving toward a more Vanilla Mod direction. With the install of new quality of life Mods and better community Rust support, we are slowly trying to create a more friendlier and enhance Rust experience for new Rust players to enjoy. We are trying to bring a new Vanilla Lite version of Rust, and we are hoping the community will enjoy some of the new changes…

Some of the New Features that we have added to the servers are…

2x Gather Rates, SignArtist, Quick Smelt, Furnace Splitter, Added UI Info, BetterChat, Group Limits

We’re hoping that with these changes, we are slowly trying to build a more friendly Rust community where people can learn the game and enjoy a safe Rust community experience. Thank you for everyone that has already been part of the journey, and I hope y’all enjoy playing on the Brave New Rust server.

Server Wipe will be this Thursday 3/4. It will be a new map and BP Wipes. New Season, and New Modded Server. Server updates will be around 12-3pm Pacific Time Zone, during time, this will be our staging period, so servers will be up and down for updates and maintenance, thank you again for your patience and consideration.

Soma Pills

BNR Server Updated, New Wipe! 2/18

Seed 20210218

Servers are updated and it’s a new map! Come join our Discord Server and come and hang out with the mods or other players on the Rust Server, please feel free use the voice channels. And check out the rust info.

We have a base building contest, to see how creative you are. Always good content to share. Post pics on Discord Channel.

Welcome to Season XXI of Brave New Rust. Thanks again for joint and playing! We couldn’t do this without you…💜🌙


Soma Pills

BNR – Season XXI

Brave New Rust – Season XXI

Hola, it’s me Soma,

Sorry for the late post but I’ve been currently trying my best to get all the kinks out of the server for the next wipe coming up this Thursday 2/18, BUT our next BP wipe will be on 3/4.

This BNR community has voted moving forward for Bi-weekly Wipes and Monthly BP. Which are the dates stated above.

Please thank our mods Lali and Subie for watching over the server, while I have been gone. Y’all been doing an awesome job! The server is growing everyday and everyone that has joined or have played on the server, thank you. You been keeping the Rust server fun and alive.

We had already had a series of events on the server: pvp, stories of betrayal and of course salt and we started just a month ago…I believe next season we will continue to grow and will go a lot more smoothly. We have have already dealt with toxic user like hate speech and cheating. Our Mods has already did a great job dealing with the users accordingly.

If you haven’t notice, the Discord Channel. Has more Rust info and channels. I even integrate Rust Chat on the Discord channel so you can keep up with chat without even login in.

I plan to do some more Rust Skin giveaways in some sort of fashion to try give back to the BNR community. Lali has some Rust skins already to raffle away and our next idea contest would be a base building contest for best base on server.

Community members can submit photos on the Discord, referred by Subie, Prize for best base each bi weekly wipe. We can all vote as a community which base is the best. Still trying to work out the details.

Next Server Wipe will be on Thursday 2/18, around Noon to 3pm and it will be straight Vanilla, so no more PvE area. Thank you again for playing on Brave New Rust, and hope you enjoy playing on the server, as I enjoy being your admin for the server.


-Soma Pills 💜🌙

BNR Server are Back to Vanilla…No PvE…

It took about roughly five days…until all hell broke lose in the Brave New Rust server again. We had griefers come in and pick on the new guys. For that, I have to turn of the PvE area and make the whole server to Vanilla. Due to the nature of the game, folks were abusing the PvE area and driving the new players out.

If people still choose to want to learn the game, I would need to setup a safe compound, where new players can play and learn the game. Other than that, it is open season… It is still a work in progress, to try to make this server work. The other best solution is to make a separate server for PvE/RP, but that would need to take some time for more resources and development. Until then. Please play nice and please be excellent to each other.

-Soma Pills

Brave New Rust – Vanilla 3K New Server!

Brave New Rust Servers are back online! Zoned some Area to be PvE and PvP, It’s not perfect, but its a general idea for new players to have an area, to build and learn the game. Please respect or help the new players. Regular players or User that know how to play should have plenty of other space to do their business. Any other suggestion, always open for more discussion and future changes. Ty for your patience and playing on Brave New Rust. Cheers!

3K Map, Vanilla, Next Wipe Will be Dev Wipe, Please Enjoy!

Brave New Rust – Vanilla 3K New Server!
Address:   Port: 28016


Brave New Rust: Season XIX

Rust Store

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It’s that time again, its a new season of Brave New Rust. Apparently there was some issues with the Nav Mesh with the server. NPC weren’t moving and stuff. Our host had the feature off because the Nav Mesh since July 2017 uses more memory. So to make sure the servers are in peak capacity, it takes more resources to host a Rust server nowadays. Which means… more money for hosting a Rust server…

I had to swallow the pill on this one and hope this Season will be a lot smoother and the NPC start moving. The Season will start once the update happens from Gary’s team on Facepunch later today.

To be honest its been a long time supporting you guys on this Rust game and it’s been a pleasure being your admin, but as your admin, I have push this game from alpha as far as I can go. With games like PUBG, or other games coming in the future, I’m not too sure where the development is going. I will do my best to keep the servers going as long I can because the hosting is starting to get expensive.

This month I’m paying more for hosting, but I’m hoping NFOServers, will pull through on having a better month. If you would like to help contribute to the server cost, Here is a link to donate directly to NFOServers. Thank you for your consideration, with your gift, all your donations will be appreciate.

Donate HERE!

Stay Rusty my friends,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

Welcome to BNR: Season XVIII

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

The server being back up last month was a success, things went as smoothly as before. More people have told me how happy that server is back up. We have a couple veteran groups coming back up so I hope more people will come join us Season 18.

Servers are updated for Season XVIII. Fresh wipe on 8/3 – Next Wipe 9/7

Rust Server – “Brave New Rust – Vanilla – 8/3 Season XVIII”

Welcome to Season 18…

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin/Owner

Welcome to BNR: Season XVII

Update is LIVE! Server Updated! 7/6/2016 13:00 Pacific

Season 17

Here is the Servers Info:

Server Name: Brave New Rust – Vanilla – New Wipe – 7/6

Server IP:


Hi Brave New Rust Community,

Welcome to Season XVII, its been a long time coming and I have decided to open up the server again. With many inquires about the Brave New Rust server, I decided to bring it back using NFOServers, to maintain a good public server.

I been busy settling myself here in Washington and life has been starting to settle down. I will continue to build a gaming community and you can reach me on my discord channel.

Good luck this Season as I will be monitoring Rust and be more open to the server. Let the human suffering continue…

Welcome to Brave New Rust: Season XVII

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin/Owner