Brave New Rust – Vanilla 3K New Server!

Brave New Rust Servers are back online! Zoned some Area to be PvE and PvP, It’s not perfect, but its a general idea for new players to have an area, to build and learn the game. Please respect or help the new players. Regular players or User that know how to play should have plenty of other space to do their business. Any other suggestion, always open for more discussion and future changes. Ty for your patience and playing on Brave New Rust. Cheers!

3K Map, Vanilla, Next Wipe Will be Dev Wipe, Please Enjoy!

Brave New Rust – Vanilla 3K New Server!
Address:   Port: 28016


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Brave New Rust: Season XIX

Rust Store

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It’s that time again, its a new season of Brave New Rust. Apparently there was some issues with the Nav Mesh with the server. NPC weren’t moving and stuff. Our host had the feature off because the Nav Mesh since July 2017 uses more memory. So to make sure the servers are in peak capacity, it takes more resources to host a Rust server nowadays. Which means… more money for hosting a Rust server…

I had to swallow the pill on this one and hope this Season will be a lot smoother and the NPC start moving. The Season will start once the update happens from Gary’s team on Facepunch later today.

To be honest its been a long time supporting you guys on this Rust game and it’s been a pleasure being your admin, but as your admin, I have push this game from alpha as far as I can go. With games like PUBG, or other games coming in the future, I’m not too sure where the development is going. I will do my best to keep the servers going as long I can because the hosting is starting to get expensive.

This month I’m paying more for hosting, but I’m hoping NFOServers, will pull through on having a better month. If you would like to help contribute to the server cost, Here is a link to donate directly to NFOServers. Thank you for your consideration, with your gift, all your donations will be appreciate.

Donate HERE!

Stay Rusty my friends,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

Welcome to BNR: Season XVIII

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

The server being back up last month was a success, things went as smoothly as before. More people have told me how happy that server is back up. We have a couple veteran groups coming back up so I hope more people will come join us Season 18.

Servers are updated for Season XVIII. Fresh wipe on 8/3 – Next Wipe 9/7

Rust Server – “Brave New Rust – Vanilla – 8/3 Season XVIII”

Welcome to Season 18…

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin/Owner

Welcome to BNR: Season XVII

Update is LIVE! Server Updated! 7/6/2016 13:00 Pacific

Season 17

Here is the Servers Info:

Server Name: Brave New Rust – Vanilla – New Wipe – 7/6

Server IP:


Hi Brave New Rust Community,

Welcome to Season XVII, its been a long time coming and I have decided to open up the server again. With many inquires about the Brave New Rust server, I decided to bring it back using NFOServers, to maintain a good public server.

I been busy settling myself here in Washington and life has been starting to settle down. I will continue to build a gaming community and you can reach me on my discord channel.

Good luck this Season as I will be monitoring Rust and be more open to the server. Let the human suffering continue…

Welcome to Brave New Rust: Season XVII

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin/Owner



Preview BNR: Season XVII – 6/23


Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It’s me Soma Pills again and I’m slowly coming back to the digital world and bringing back the Rust Server again. I will start Season XVII on the next wipe which is July 6th. I plan to open another fresh Vanilla Server, but this time I will go through NFOServers, and have them take care of the automatic updates. This will ensure a better Rust experience and a better experience for the community.

“It will be a Vanilla Server, I plan for a population of 100 and a default 3.5k Map, Monthly Wipes Format. NFOServers Hosting.”Soma Pills

This is Soma and I’m sorry I’ve been Missing in Action for a while but because of real life such as: bills, work, and relationships. The gaming life had to take a back seat as I started to settle in my new place and get my computer and internet situated. Since there wasn’t anyone to really take over Brave New Rust. I had to take a break myself from all the toxic players that was giving a lot of the admins a hard time. I felt they worked really hard but some things didn’t work out. It started to not be fun anymore to admin a server and of course with other games on the horizon, I just needed a break from the game and I wanted Facepunch to keep working on the development for a bit. I hope it has improve, we will see on Season XVII.

Currently I’m working on growing the community of gamers beyond Rust, such as: League of Legends, Player Unknow’s Battleground, Empyrion, Minecraft, or Ark.

I invite you to join our community of gamers and join our Discord channel to group up in other games, more than Rust. Once I have all the server details, I will posted it first on our Discord Channel and I will update this web post. Thank you for your patience, and thanks for being part of the gaming community. Cheers!

Sorry no, “Brave New Rust – Australian” Server this season, I will try to bring it back in the future.

US West – Brave New Rust – Vanilla –

IP –

Please join our Discord Channel HERE.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

Season XV – Brave New Rust 3/2


New Vegas – Brave New Rust | Vanilla |

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

Its been a bumpy ride this last month and with a lot of things going on with my life there has been a lot of changes. Alykah and Awshift have decided to step down for the time being but I will be watching the server for Season 15

I know folks don’t like changes but next month I will change the servers format to both servers to a bi-weekly wipe. We will also move the US server to a dedicated server located in Las Vegas. We tried using and it didn’t workout to run the Rust game efficiently.

The reason for this change is because reports of performance issues has been happening all across Rust Servers and as the admin I’m trying to make the best Rust environment for everyone. I have made this decision due to several months performance issues and with the intention to have a more stable Rust gaming environment.

With the two weeks this gives people a chance to start over in the middle of the month. Rust development has been up and down and with the new additions like a fridge and ATM, I’m sure there is a lot of bug issues to figure out.  This bi-weekly wipe cycle will be a change for me too due to more experimenting to find the right Rust format for good performance with a good wipe cycle. Wipe cycle will be on both servers: the Australian and United States.

I’m sure some folks won’t like the format but due to Rust performance, bugs, hacks, hackers, and a unfinished product. As a server owner my hands are sort of tied. Rust development has had a lot of issues so if you choose to leave, it is understandable too. We are trying to evolve as a Rust community to keep growing, and keep going. I’m trying my best to build a bigger community more than just Rust, so please understand Rust is not just my main focus, I do have other projects. If folks want to help out or share an opinion, join the conversation on our Discord Channel. If there’s an issue lets try to communicate in the channel not on Private Message. Remember Rust is a game and I would appreciate folks in Rust or Discord to be more respectful to the community, we are all trying our best to run a gaming community.

Please play the game in a mature matter. Thank you for you time and consideration!

Wipe : March 2nd, 2017
1st Wipe March 16th 2017
2nd Wipe April 2nd 2017

To all folks coming and going, I salute you. Rust has been a roller coaster, and as your curator, I will continue to do my best to run the community through thick and thin.

Thank you again for all the support from past or present.

This Seasons Brave New Rust will be a different Rust Format. It will be Bi-Weekly Wipe Schedule, and on a 4k Map. A Medium Vanilla Format.

Both United States and Australian Servers are Updated – 3.2.2017 13:00 PST

Season 15.1.png

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

Brave New Rust: Season XIV 2/2

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

We say good bye to the old Server and salute farewell. As it has served us well and it has created this great Rust community. A community of Rust player from all over the world. This is the moment you have been waiting for. A server you can call your own, a server that is safe to play away from the trolls, a server that can bring Rust great again. We are trying to bring America back baby, one Newman at a time.

There has been so much news of late and I know you guys are ready for the show. Season XIV should be our best season yet. We have finally moved servers and the US server is continuing to grow to a great Rust community.

We appreciate all the donations, this couldn’t of happen with out you guys, and with all the server tweaking around, Season XIV should be good. There has been some server issue but we believe we have solved it just in time for the wipe. We appreciate all the patience to get the server back and running. Alykah did an awesome job to bring back the server up, thank you so much for all your support, Alykah!

This season we are keeping the same format of a 4.5k Map on the US Server but a 3.5k Map for the Australia Server. Won’t wipe until March 3rd, unless other forced. This is a Vanilla Server, and I hope to maintain this server with less frequent wipe and room to spare for a great Rust experience. We hope more people with the join the community with the added slot space. Thank you again for joining Brave New Rust and for your consideration.

Please again respect the Admins, Alykah and Awshift, they work a great deal to maintain a fair gameplay for the server. Please play nice and don’t be a dick, no hate speech, trolling or hacking.

Shutouts to Reverb, ODEN, JakZe, Jstayns, and GG. Your donations is much appreciated, it has help tremendously for the move and it has help grow this community to a 150 slot server. Thank you so much everyone to make Season XIV successful. We know Rust wouldn’t be Rust without the population and the community.

Thanks again for being part of the Brave New Rust Community, we will continue work hard to maintain good traffic for the server.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust ” -Admin/Owner

NEW SERVER | US West – Brave New Rust

4.5k Map, 150 slot, Monthly Wipe


Season 14 US.png

Australia – Brave New Rust Vanilla – 3.5k, 50 Slots, Monthly Wipe

Season 14 AUS.png

Change Log…

Fixed player model angles not always being broadcast properly
Player models standing rotation have a 80 degree dead zone
Added player ladder animations
Fixed player model feet slipping on jog/run animations
Fixed player model hitching when changing between looking up and down
Player models look less hunched
Fixed steam startup errors on Win32
Removed redundant ownership system
Fixed pumpkin helmet getting culled too early
Optimized console system
Quickcraft uses last chosen skin
Double Barrel Shotgun is skinnable
Satchel Charge is skinnable
Spawn with rock skinned to previously chosen skin
Icons in craft queue use skin icon
Steam inventory resources (like cloth) are stacked
Hammer guide is blue instead of red
Eoka is skinnable
Player skulls are named after the player they're from
Fixed orientation on several 3rd person animations
Ambience system distinguishes between environment types (underground)
Added Cave ambience
Added a way to store reverb settings in a central place
Polished reverb in natural caves
Minor mix tweaks
Torch world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged sword world model & prefab optimisation
Mace world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged icepick world model & prefab optimisation
Thompson world model & prefab optimisation
Double barrel shotgun world model & prefab optimisation
Satchel charge world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged axe world model & prefab optimisation
Semi-auto pistol world model & prefab optimisation
Metal chestplate skinning updates
Fixed weapons culling too early when thrown
Optimized client side rigidbody distance culling of ceiling lights
Fixed duplicate community and resource deposit entities in saves
Removed ceiling light rigidbodies from the server
Added timescale and gravity server convars
Added corpses, events and dropitems server convars
Added respawn_groups and respawn_populations server convars
Fixed building block downgrade exploit when inside building privilege
Added missing physic materials to various junkpile assets
Added unique ID of attacker and target to combat log
Added world caching (vastly reduced loading times)
Added world.cache convar (toggles caching)
Reduced serialization overhead from harbors prefabs
Added collider state to dump files
Removed 60 second suicide time limitation for admins/developers
Disabled shell protection for ladder hatch
Ladder hatch now identical to Sheet Metal Door
Ladder hatch/sheet metal doors no longer vulnerable to rock spam
Thrown water now equally distributed payload between objects
Water Planters require less trips to saturate their soil
Can only fill buckets/bottles from the tap portion of Water Barrels/Catchers
Cleaver does slightly more damage and has a higher attack radius
Minor constant Radiation Damage even though fully protected removed
Added Wall Lamps
Light Sources can only be looted/turned on/off if the player can build in that area
Most Ammo stacks to 128
Bone armor cost reduction
Can now place lanterns on small boxes
Dead plants stay around longer
Can chop down plants
Drastically reduced cost of exotic signage
Added Flame Turret

Server: Growing Pains 2/30

Hey guys! Welcome to the last week of a chaotic Season XIII and another edition of the BNR:Blog!

We have the new server up and running.  There were many ways we could have done this, and we appreciate those who supported our decision to open it early so there was plenty of time to transition from the old server.  We realize that split the population, which could be seen as less than ideal.

We expect to cap out on 2/2, which is when the next wipe is.

You know I like to keep you all updated on the goings on, so here it is.  The server has been kinda laggy, with a few unexpected lag spikes and restarts.  The current thought is that it is the system just getting up and running.  We are expecting this to not last longer.  We made even more hardware upgrades and basically there is no reason that with the equipment we have running this it should be having issues.

That being said, we definitely are going to keep an eye on the server in case this doesn’t settle down.  We have until Thursday to figure it out, so please bare with us while we make the adjustments necessary to make your Rust experience here on Brave New Rust a great one.  Soma, Awshift and I work on this every single day, and though it’s not perfect yet, we are learning.

Lastly, there is a small chance we do need to move down to a smaller map and possibly a 100 player count.  That is, if we don’t fix the issue, it could be because Rust is literally still in alpha and the software is hard to balance.  (Look, I’m not the computer person here, I leave all that up to Soma and Awshift, but this is my understanding…) We are going to try everything we can to keep the pop at 150 and the map at 4500.

Again, thank you for your patience, understanding, and willing to stay with us during these growing pains. You are part of a fantastic community and we appreciate you.

Lastly, please remember as a community server, you are a guest on the server we pay for.  We do not require donations (though please consider donating!), so you play here for free.  We have the right to remove anyone from our server for ANY REASON WHAT-SO-EVER. That includes suspected hacking, disrespect towards players or admins, hate speech, or just a bad attitude.  With the population being at or near our cap, we want to make sure the cream of the crop is here playing on this server and will remove anyone who doesn’t meet our standards.

This is not abuse, this is just how it is.

I hope you don’t step on any legos today,