BNR: Server Rules

Here are the main rules:

  • No Racist Comments and Chat (I.E…Nazi, Gender Insults, Harassement)
  • Don’t use any types of hacks
  • You will be banned if found to have an EAC ban on other account(s)
  • If you are caught repeatedly playing with hackers you will be banned
  • No manipulation of your network connection to cheat/glitch (life time ban)
  • No looking up other players social media pages and talking about it in game or using their pictures
  • No over the top or constant personal attacks towards other players, It’s a game so have fun and don’t make other people feel miserable
  • No abusing glitches
  • No spamming of in game chat
  • Don’t Advertise other servers/websites
  • No impersonating admins and/or other players (Including clan tags)
  • No voice spamming by holding down the mic button for an extended amount of time with the goal to piss people off.
  • Don’t spread false information to cause trouble.
  • DON’T use a VPN, hackers often use these so they are harder to track down. Playing on a VPN may get you automatically banned
  • Use your common-sense, if you think it could be breaking the rules then chances are it is… i shouldn’t have to spell out every rule.
  • Admins may ban or chat/voice mute for any reason, it isn’t your right to play on the server, you are a guest and if we get sick of you then you are gone.