Preview Season XIII 12/30

Happy New Year! Brave New Rust Community,

Welcome to the preview of the New Year and we are looking forward to more Rust on the horizon. It will be a new season and there will be new things in store.

Since there has been an increase of new residents of Brave New Rust both US Servers and Australian Server. There will be more updates and changes ahead. Some of the changes is an upgrade on hardware, so you should notice less lag even with the new members coming in and playing on the server. I expect next season to cap to 75 and with the up coming data we will try to increase the cap and community accordingly.

Alykah and Ardin have been doing a great job watching over the server, and making this season feel like the best season of Brave New Rust yet. Thank you so much for your hard work and keeping Brave New Rust a safe place from Trollers, Hackers, and Toxic Players. Thank you so much for keeping the server a fun place to play.

Thanks again community for a great Rust experience!

Even though sometimes Me and the Admins are get flack from Toxic players. Other players have also came up to me and said a lot great things about, “Brave New Rust”. It is those comments that help us know that we’re doing our best to make a great Rust community. Thank you again!

Like always thank you for your support and donations! Every donations goes back to community or growth of other game servers like Ark and Minecraft. We can’t do this without your loving support, so every donation counts as we continue to grow this Rust Community!

Did you know Brave New Rust this month capped at 75 Users and average daily 26 Users at same time! Congratulation!

With that being said, anyone that keeps telling me or my servers admins that my server will die can please stop.


Please don’t private message me or my admins about how you’re going  to leave. Or that you took a poll of people, or how many of your clan will leave the server. Please, I beg you, please just leave the server, because if you do, I will personally ban you myself. So please, don’t do this…

Thank you again for all the toxic folks, we couldn’t do this without your help. We work really hard to keep the numbers at a good rate for the Rust community and do our best to get rid of all the toxic players on our servers.

So without further information, here is the Preview for Brave New Rust Season XIII

New Season, New Map and Bigger Map 4.5k:

Season 13.png

See you next year,
Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

BNR: Christmas Time 12/22


AUS: 7pm EST time on Christmas Eve (continued throughout the night)

US: 10am EST on Christmas Day (continued throughout the day, when I’m available)

25 (or so) large boxes with christmas skins
25 sand bag barriers with christmas skins
Small, Medium, Large presents randomly
Some rockets, c4, a few guns
Coal (for funny effect)

Place randomly around the map.  Sandbags next to chests to help stand out more.
This will encourage exploration and PvP.

I will also keep a few of the nice prizes and spend a bit of time at a few monuments. I will have godmode on, and hand out presents if someone is brave enough to come near. Will announce my location to the whole server so that people will come. Lots of PvP.

Just a list of fun activities. If you think of any suggestions, please let me know!

Let’s have a great rest of the season!

Love always,

Change Log…

Fixed water occasionally not visible when exiting caves
Fixed billboard shadows in OSX/GL
Added culling to projected cave decals (performance)
Fixed some minor server side line of sight verification issues
Fixed pumpkin and santa hat being invisible
Fixed partially harvested ore nodes showing up as fully intact
Fixed cave building exploits
Reduced networking MTU size from 1430 to 1400
Added periodic position updates with server side verification to projectiles
Fixed projectile ricochet verification issues
Fixed parts of the bear corpse not being harvestable
Tweaked weapon reload verification
Fixed endless vm bandage bug
Fixed vm flamethrower flickering hand bug
Added clothing world models
Updated santa hat art
Added Large Planter
All plants must be placed atleast 0.5m of eachother
Plants now have a placement guide
Enabled Holiday Content
Entity lookup optimizations
Picked up items go into belt bar if appropriate
Crafted items go into belt bar if appropriate
Fixed reactive target not initializing animator parameters when streaming in while knocked down
Fixed reactive target allocating an array and an enumerator on every network update
Re-enabled small planters
NRE fixes
Fixed small planter scale
Fixed not being able to place planters close to walls
Fixed bells always playing when you first join a server with xmas enabled
Plants in planters survive the cold of the desert/arctic instead of just dying
Candle hat effect position tweak
Stricter, unified RPC_Server.MaxDistance
Server restart countdown is less spammy when a lot of time is left
Admins can chat as much as they want
Multiple players can access storage containers at the same time
Fixed grass displacement clamping issue
Pushed min shadow distance to 50 (exploits)

Big Base Blog: Christmas Event Update 12/15


This season, we have some cool and large bases that I wanted to highlight in a little blog. Did your base make the cut?


This base here has a very interesting shadow while the sun is setting!




This base is gigantic and maybe the biggest one I’ve seen this season!



Someone’s got the new doors!




I kid you not, this base surrounds an ENTIRE LAKE! Whaaaat. I can’t imagine the upkeep.



I love the tower in this one with the diagonal parts coming off of it! Creative!






Neat step lookin’ things!



Where else do you build in the desert! Gotta make sure you have plenty to drink!



This is someone’s little hidey hole!



Found a castle!


Well, did your base make the cut? There are a few really creative bases this season!

Know of one I missed? Let me know in the comments, in game, or in private message so I can catch it in the season ending blog!

Hope you’re all having a great season! I’m excited for the changes coming up in today’s patch. Here is a link to Rustafied where you can read all about today’s patch.

Two things I’d like to highlight are INDOOR PLANTERS and CHRISTMAS STUFF!

You will now be able to grow plants inside your base! Celing lights (and of course: TENDER LOVING CARE) will help them grow quicker and yield more resources!  There will be a small and a large planter.  I’m very excited for this!

Secondly, CHRISTMAS! I know we’re all pumped for the holiday. I can’t wait to play Santa Claus! On Christmas day (on both servers!), I am going to go around the map and place down Christmas skin large boxes next to the Christmas Skinned sand bags. They will be filled with goodies!  Stockings, presents, coal (! have you been naughty..), and probably a few other goodies too (yes, things that go BOOM!).

I am also going to make some pit stops at monuments and if you are brave enough, come see Santa and get some extra boom stuff!  It’ll make the last week of the year a fun one, don’t you think?

This should make for an interesting PvP day.  *Giggles evilly*

Have a great time!

“Brave New Rust” -Admin

Ardin: New Admin; Increased Server Size

20161209002145_1Hey friends!

We did two very exciting things today!

First, we added a new admin to the Brave New Rust team.  Please give a warm ‘welcome’ to Ardin.  Treat him with the same respect you give me. (Maybe better… o_-)

Ardin has been around the server a very long time and has been playing Rust since legacy.  He has been playing on BNR since Season 3 and is a very nice, fair guy who we are lucky to have on the team. We both (and Soma, of course!) will work hard to bring you guys a great Rust experience.

Secondly, we increased the server size to 60.  This is an experimental step to see how larger we can/want to grow the server. 50 seems too low, as for the last week we have had a queue every night.  We also really love the ‘smaller’ community feel, we are very much like a large internet family and want to keep it that way.

If we get donations and the server continues to queue, then we may consider increasing it to 75.  This would most likely be the highest we will go. Please GO HERE to donate. Every little bit helps!

Thank you to Batonrooge and Remoes who have recently donated.

Please leave any comments or suggestions below.

Have fun!
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

Alykah’s Playing Santa Claus!

santa-in-rustHelloooo Rust!

Welcome to Alykah’s first blog post ever! What a great start of the season so far. Soma and I have been so happy with the population lately.

I’m very sad about the painting bug.  If you haven’t seen my tiger rust painting, check it out HERE.  I’d love to do another one this month, but with paintings wiping after a few hours and no one other than you able to see them, it’s kinda a lost cause.  Hopefully a mid-month patch will fix it up!

I have exciting news! Since I love you all SO MUCH(!), I have decided to give a little ‘Christmas’ treat. Winter treat, seasonal treat, holiday treat… whatever! It’s just going to happen to be on the day of Christmas (December 25! It’s a Sunday!).

I am going to be doing something special.  Yes this IS a vanilla server and this is a little different, but hey, let’s have a bit of seasonal fun.

Here is what I’m thinking:(feedback welcome!)

I am going to hide small boxes around the map and put goodies in them! The stockings that may be given out.. you can hang them on your wall and presents will appear in a few days! How neat! Well, at least that is what is SUPPOSED to happen.  I am currently testing this theory.  They’re neat for decoration, anyway.

It’ll be a lot of fun being able to go hide and seek boxes with fun stuff.  I suspect there will be some good PvP happening! Woo!

Thanks for being awesome,

Love to all,
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

Brave New Rust: Season XII

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

We finally made it to the final season of the year and to have a server last for a whole year has been a big accomplishment for the whole community. I know the server is not perfect, so as I start to work on new projects and new life projects. I will past the torch to Alykah so next season or future season will be updated smoothly.

As we wind down to the end of the year. I hope you all had a good time in Brave New Rust. Its been a long year for me and my life. Creating this server means a lot, and took a lot of grinding work. As I finish up this year, I will work on other servers such as Minecraft and Ark and I plan to do the same to those games as I did to Rust.

Thank you for a great community!

See you Next Year!
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

So for the server details:

Server Wipe: 12/1/2016 Next Wipe: 1/5/2017

Season 12.png

Change Log…

Added natural caves to the world generation
Increased default world size to 3500
Optimized world generation times of bigger maps
Increased prevent building zone around water treatment plant
Fixed lighthouse sometimes spawning far out on the ocean
Fixed some deployables being placeable partially inside constructions
Fixed pillars, walls and floors reaching into prevent building volumes
Fixed some foundation stacking exploits
Fixed some weapon firing rate exploits
Slightly stricter melee / projectile anti hack
Added sounds for the bota bag
Added sounds for the small water bottle
Viewmodel for c4
Viewmodel for satchel charge
Viewmodel for survey charge
Holdtype for c4
Holdtype for satchel charge
Holdtype for survey charge
Worldmodel for c4
Worldmodel for satchel charge
Worldmodel for survey charge
Sfx setup & sounds for for c4
Sfx setup & sounds for for satchel charge
Sfx setup & sounds for for survey charge
Halved cost for most exotic building pieces (embarsure, prison gate, chainlink etc)
Rebalanced loot tables to never have garbage in higher end loot tiers
M92 implemented
Codelocks no longer automatically unlock when code is entered
Reduced component cost for satchel charges 
Reduced component cost for ladders
Increased salvaged tool component costs
Made most military weapons uncraftable
Thrown items (satchel/c4/etc) are properly oriented to throw/land positions
Spears do more melee damage
Spears are easier to hit people with
Spears do less throw damage