Devblog 95 Update – 1/28/2016

Server Update for Brave New Rust – NEW STUFF!

A host of changes implemented and previewed this week: there’s a variety of new walls to let you build prisons, shops, and cages; a new scope with 4x magnification; optimisation, bug-fixes, and loads more. Plus there’s a preview of the new levelling system. It’s an exciting look at the future of Rust.


  • Dungeons LODs and lower batches improvements
  • Rocks LOD distance optimizations
  • New wall frames and wall frame blocks
  • Fixed bug reporter errors
  • Spectating admins are no longer networked
  • Enabled low vertex compression on all models
  • Fixed bind so that the second argument no longer needs quotes
  • Updated steamworks to fix a problem with win32
  • Updated to Unity 5.3.2.p1
  • Fixed occasional single frame UI text corruption
  • Fixed some UI elements being out of line
  • Pumpkin plants live a max 7 seasons
  • Pumpkin plants live a max 3 harvests
  • Optimized pumpkin plant LODs more aggressively
  • RCon is started immediately on server startup
  • Item icons and info are now dumped into Bundles/items/
  • Fixed some LookingAt inaccuracy issues
  • RPC Cache memory optimizations
  • Network + Save cache memory optimizations
  • Made player movement more direct by removing horizontal camera smoothing
  • Server collider batches split when their vertex count gets too high
  • Added refresh_renderers console command (refreshes client renderer batches)
  • Added refresh_colliders console command (refreshes server collider batches)
  • Added various batching convars to customize client and server mesh batching
  • Added mesh batching to static quarry and pumpjack
  • Fixed missing or incorrect animal footsteps on a number of surface types
  • Fixed raid tower exploit using shelves
  • Fixed sleeping bag deployable and foundation exploits
  • Improved laser and flashlight beam
  • Fixed transparent surface and particle atmospheric scattering
  • Fixed ambient lighting for particles and low quality speedtree fallbacks
  • Added scope
  • Fixed being able to put codelock on airdrops
  • Made flashlight beam invisible when looking dead at it
  • Flashlight beam has shadow texture
  • Narrowed flashlight beam in 1p/3p to 45 degrees

Welcome to “Brave New Rust”

Sunset at Home

Hi I’m Soma Pills!

I will be your operator here and admin for this new Rust Server, “Brave New Rust”. I started this server in hopes in making a great Rust community that not only helps each other, but bring together great competition to further progress your journey in Rust. We are happy to have you here and appreciate your dedication to your crafts. Whether its hunting or hunting humans, we hope you enjoy your stay here in this server. If there is any questions or concerns. Please message me for any questions.

-Soma Pills