BNR: Server Update 11/17

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It seems that the server has been growing really fast and the game has picked up back to where it started. I feel that this new patch has changed the game for the better and with everything, still there are things that need to improve and grow. With the new numbers of people joining the server, it seems that the server is growing. Thanks again for joining the server and I have updated the description on the server to better inform on the wipe dates.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin


Improved bullet flyby playback
Fixed occlusion weirdness on a few sounds
Fixed a few weapons playing 3rd person reload sounds on deploy
Tiny bit of misc sound polish
Reduced stuttering near bases
Added Water Bottle viewmodel
Removed ability to menu-drink from bota bag/water bottle
Revolver refire rate increased
Revolver aimcone increased
Revolver damage decreased very slightly
Combat log includes timestamp
Fixed some issues with pool.mode set to 2
Set pool.mode to 2 by default
Shelves can no longer be placed on deployables
Pumpkins can no longer be stacked
Made projectile anti hack stricter
Fixed rendering layers on some trees
Fixed client side socket handles sometimes not being destroyed
Fixed a small client side coroutine memory leak
Added pooling support to client side lock entities
Optimized player model and name tag scripts
Made debug.ambientvolumes dev-only (potential exploit)

BNR: Discord Channel 11/7

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

I might as well share and open a “Brave New Rust” Discord Channel. Please use it, so we can start making more of a Game community and a ways to communicate on the Server or other games. Maybe even form a group to play other games like Overwatch or League of Legends. Group up and share your ideas in chat or hang out.

Or post in the channel about how you got ban for nothing. Cool Stories!

Either way, more forms of communication for the game community. Yay!

Cheers, talk to you guys soon.

Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

Season XI: Brave New Rust 11/3


Hi Brave New Rust Community,

I know you will guy will be up and ready for this new patch, so I will update the servers as soon as possible, Thursday 11/3 around 1-3PM Pacific Time Zone. I hope you will enjoy the new change for Rust, and we hope it will turn out better or for worst.

So we will be starting super fresh with a big change to the game. It will be a component system so anyone can craft anything from the start. Harder components for guns and etcs will be deeper in land vs the basic items will be in different zone.

So hang on to your butts because were going to go on for a ride. Expect delays, bugs, and glitches. Expects the worst and don’t be surprise if we have a RESET. I will try my best to address the situation, and if it is really bad the first week, we can figure out something. Expect a bumpy launch, so please bare with Facepunch and the Brave New Rust Servers.

Thank you for all the patience. I will update this post as soon I get more information.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust”- (Owner/Admin)

Season 11.png

XP is out, components are in, and radiation is back.

  • Added new lighthouses to Hapis Island
  • Added a new radtown to Hapis Island
  • Changed the Hapis Island tunnels to mineshaft networks
  • Fixed player eyes looking glossed over
  • Fixed players not blinking
  • Fixed players not looking around
  • Added integrated workshop
  • Maps no longer have fog of war
  • Fixed clothing backfaces having weird lighting
  • Added collared shirt
  • Added tanktop
  • Added shorts
  • Sound occlusion enabled by default
  • No more hitmarkers when meleeing barrels
  • Added silenced lr300 and mp5 gunshots
  • Updated bullet flyby sounds
  • Misc minor sound polish
  • Improved water rendering and culling
  • Optimized terrain and terrain-blended rock/cliff shaders
  • Fixed incorrect network group subscriptions of players before spawn
  • Disabled a few irrelevant warnings for non-developers
  • Optimized prefab pooling (more to come next week)
  • Added prefab pooling to building conditional models
  • Added prefab pooling to renderer batching
  • Spawn group respawn rates are now scaled with the player count
  • Disabled rain until we can re-enable its particle collisions
  • Removed XP System
  • Added Component System
  • Added Recycler
  • Added Junkpiles
  • Added Radiation
  • Added loot scaling

“The XP system mainly sucked because it completely changed the feel of Rust as a sandbox. It was no longer about new encounters and enjoying your time in the game world, but instead about how to level up as quickly as you can. And when that finally happened, the game immediately became boring. It was also unsustainable going forward. New items we haven’t even thought of yet would need to be hacked into certain levels, which would cause a never ending balance nightmare and item bloat (it was already ridiculous when you’d reach a level and have 12 things unlocked). Eventually we’d like to never have to wipe and just have decay and resource management take care of the server, and XP was not compatible with this goal without all kinds of workarounds and hacks forced in like some sort of prestige system. And lastly, it removed the “making lemonade out of lemons” feel Rust had, where you’d stumble across a bucket helmet and crossbow blueprint and that would be your load-out for the foreseeable future.” -Maurino Berry (Helk)