About “Brave New Rust”


Welcome to Brave New Rust, a Community Rust Server

Welcome to Brave New Rust, this server is run by Soma Pills. I am a Twitch Streamer and I created a new server name “Brave New Rust”. I made this server for the intention of building a gaming community that can play with each other on the same server. Please don’t be mean to each other, and just have fun.

2x Gather Rates, SignArtist, Quick Smelt, Furnace Splitter, Added UI Info, BetterChat, Group Limits

[US] Brave New Rust | 2X Vanilla 2/18 | Noob Friendly


See you on!

If you would like to join our community please check out our Steam Community:
https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bravenewrustrust-server banner

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