BNR Server are Back to Vanilla…No PvE…

It took about roughly five days…until all hell broke lose in the Brave New Rust server again. We had griefers come in and pick on the new guys. For that, I have to turn of the PvE area and make the whole server to Vanilla. Due to the nature of the game, folks were abusing the PvE area and driving the new players out.

If people still choose to want to learn the game, I would need to setup a safe compound, where new players can play and learn the game. Other than that, it is open season… It is still a work in progress, to try to make this server work. The other best solution is to make a separate server for PvE/RP, but that would need to take some time for more resources and development. Until then. Please play nice and please be excellent to each other.

-Soma Pills

Brave New Rust – Vanilla 3K New Server!

Brave New Rust Servers are back online! Zoned some Area to be PvE and PvP, It’s not perfect, but its a general idea for new players to have an area, to build and learn the game. Please respect or help the new players. Regular players or User that know how to play should have plenty of other space to do their business. Any other suggestion, always open for more discussion and future changes. Ty for your patience and playing on Brave New Rust. Cheers!

3K Map, Vanilla, Next Wipe Will be Dev Wipe, Please Enjoy!

Brave New Rust – Vanilla 3K New Server!
Address:   Port: 28016