BNR: Server Update 8/25

20160825181607_1Hi Brave New Rust Community,

All the Servers are Updated!

This is our last week of Season 8 and I want to thank everyone that has join our server and generated traffic to our servers and websites.

There is one more week to go before we start Season 9 so here is what we have in store in the upcoming week.

After all the bug fixes done in Rust, were going to finally do a Full Wipe on the US and AUS Servers, London is not getting a XP wipe because I just opened it. So Sept 1st, will be an even playing field for both the Australian Server and US Server.

Thanks again for being part of the community, this next wipe should make the server fresh and should bring new players to the server.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

Change Log…

Enabled entity pooling by default on 64 bit systems
Enabled sound pooling by default on 64 bit systems
Optimized entity realm list access on client and server
Optimized door animator initialization when entity pooling is enabled
Load balanced building block skin creation
Load balanced destruction of all client side entities
Added entity pooling support to storage boxes
Added experimental player mesh pooling (pool.players, disabled by default)
Fixed expensive UI rebuilds whenever a player or sleeper was received
Fixed expensive UI rebuilds whenever a shot was fired
Fixed several “Can not play disabled audio source” warnings
New collectable pickup sounds (mushroom, stones, stumps)
New research table sounds
Fixed a bug where some sounds wouldn’t play with sound pooling enabled
Misc sound tweaks & polish
Fixed bug where sleep anim would sometimes play when the player jumped in/out of water
Optimized ragdoll visibility updates
Fixed see through walls caused by Motion Blur or TSSAA
Fixed terrain shadows
Fixed skin lighting
Fixed visual artifacts on some glsl challenged drivers (OpenGL)
Fixed stretched river flows on Hapis
Fixed god rays when revz is enabled
Added deferred mesh decals
Increased flashlight emission point brightness
Decreased flashlight beam brightness
Fixed invisible helicopter gibs if destroyed far away
Added LR300
Sleeping bags are pickupable


BNR: Server Update 8/18


Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It’s been a solid two weeks of Rust gaming, and with last month shit show. It looks like the Rust Gods have fixed the balance back to the Rust world. With hundreds of bugs still on the horizon I still wonder if we’ll be ever out of Alpha.

All the Servers are all good and updated, so I hope you enjoy the rest of Season VIII. Next wipe is September 1st, 2016…

It’s been a steady month, and people are slowly coming back to the Brave New Rust Community. So right now is a great time to come back and build on the server.

Our new members from Europe are already joining the BNR: London server, and populating it slowly. We also have plenty of new members from all the servers, so everyone welcome to Brave New Rust.

Thanks again for being part of the Brave New Rust Community you all make the server and the community. Cheers to making it all the way to the 8 Month Anniversary!

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” Owner/Admin

Change Log…

Updated to Unity 5.4.0p1
Removed a few shitty bird stings and cricket loops
Better volume balance and general polish on ambient sounds
Better, more varied bullet flybys and ricochets
Don't play a million ricochet or impact sounds when shotgun blasts hit the ground
More woody knock and less tearing on tree impacts
Footstep polish and consistency
Bush rustles have a lot shorter fade in and sound more natural
Misc small sound tweaks, volume balance, and polish
Increased time between songs
Never play songs before the min song gap has elapsed
Fixed alt+enter related darkening
Fixed alt+enter related rocks missing terrain blend
Added Research Bench
Added Research Paper
Large Box unlocks at level 9 (was 10)
Research Bench unlocks at level 10 (was 17)
Fixed candlehat/minerhat not working
Made holosight easier to see through
Combat log now also contains rejected attacks with a reason for rejection
Added entity pooling (pool.entities convar, disabled by default for now)
Disabled pool.skins on the server by default (doesn’t make much sense there)
Doubled projectile radius of shotgun buckshot and handmade shells
Increased rifle and pistol projectile base damage from 40 to 50
Adjusted bolt action damage so coffee can helmets let you barely survive one headshot
Increased effective distance of rifle bullets
Fixed player view direction sometimes not being shown correctly to other clients
Added some server side interaction checks to nearly all interactions
Fixed some server side garbage collection spam from auto turrets
Projectile LOS checks now use client side start position after verifying it
Attack LOS tickets are now clamped
Added additional line segment to projectile and melee hit LOS check
Added additional info to server log when rejecting attacks for LOS violations
Added attack verification to launcher weapons
Added meleedamage, arrowdamage, bulletdamage and bleedingdamage server convars
Added meleearmor, arrowarmor, bulletarmow and bleedingarmor server convars
Added admin vis.lineofsight server convar (debugging)
Added admin client convar (debugging)
Added admin printinput and printhead console commands (debugging)
Renamed pooling stat commands to print_memory, print_prefabs and print_assets
Split pool clear command into clear_memory, clear_prefabs and clear_assets


London – Brave New Rust 8/10

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It’s Soma again, and I have been busy with real life working and I’m finally back home in Washington. So I’m slowly trying to keep updating the website and forums with the most updated stuff. I took some time off on Rust from last season from all the major bugs Facepunch had to offer. Last season sort of sucked for all of us and I have to admit the Server took a hit in the numbers. It was to be expected but I know that’s because this is still an Alpha game.

I tried to make a PvE server and that didn’t seem to work, and a small map didn’t even bring too much traffic either. This is probably because of the recent patches and changes to the game, Rust seems to still be in a limbo. So I have decided to try to do my next move, which is to move the 3rd Server slot to London.

London was a destination that was always on my mind for a while and since the base of the game is PvP. Other formats of the game didn’t seem to fit the server reputation of what Brave New Rust had to offer. I picked London for the next destination for the Server because I wanted to bring an EU group to the Brave New Rust Community. Hopefully, we can gather more traffic and to continue to bring a great Vanilla Rust experience for everyone.

Thanks again for being part of the Brave New Rust Community,

Welcome to “London – Brave New Rust”

Launch Rust and Press F1 to bring up the console.
Type “client.connect”

Season 8.png

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin