BNR Season XXII Modded

Hola its Soma,

Were ending the Season XXI Vanilla Server and moving toward a more Vanilla Mod direction. With the install of new quality of life Mods and better community Rust support, we are slowly trying to create a more friendlier and enhance Rust experience for new Rust players to enjoy. We are trying to bring a new Vanilla Lite version of Rust, and we are hoping the community will enjoy some of the new changes…

Some of the New Features that we have added to the servers are…

2x Gather Rates, SignArtist, Quick Smelt, Furnace Splitter, Added UI Info, BetterChat, Group Limits

We’re hoping that with these changes, we are slowly trying to build a more friendly Rust community where people can learn the game and enjoy a safe Rust community experience. Thank you for everyone that has already been part of the journey, and I hope y’all enjoy playing on the Brave New Rust server.

Server Wipe will be this Thursday 3/4. It will be a new map and BP Wipes. New Season, and New Modded Server. Server updates will be around 12-3pm Pacific Time Zone, during time, this will be our staging period, so servers will be up and down for updates and maintenance, thank you again for your patience and consideration.

Soma Pills

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