BNR – Season XXI

Brave New Rust – Season XXI

Hola, it’s me Soma,

Sorry for the late post but I’ve been currently trying my best to get all the kinks out of the server for the next wipe coming up this Thursday 2/18, BUT our next BP wipe will be on 3/4.

This BNR community has voted moving forward for Bi-weekly Wipes and Monthly BP. Which are the dates stated above.

Please thank our mods Lali and Subie for watching over the server, while I have been gone. Y’all been doing an awesome job! The server is growing everyday and everyone that has joined or have played on the server, thank you. You been keeping the Rust server fun and alive.

We had already had a series of events on the server: pvp, stories of betrayal and of course salt and we started just a month ago…I believe next season we will continue to grow and will go a lot more smoothly. We have have already dealt with toxic user like hate speech and cheating. Our Mods has already did a great job dealing with the users accordingly.

If you haven’t notice, the Discord Channel. Has more Rust info and channels. I even integrate Rust Chat on the Discord channel so you can keep up with chat without even login in.

I plan to do some more Rust Skin giveaways in some sort of fashion to try give back to the BNR community. Lali has some Rust skins already to raffle away and our next idea contest would be a base building contest for best base on server.

Community members can submit photos on the Discord, referred by Subie, Prize for best base each bi weekly wipe. We can all vote as a community which base is the best. Still trying to work out the details.

Next Server Wipe will be on Thursday 2/18, around Noon to 3pm and it will be straight Vanilla, so no more PvE area. Thank you again for playing on Brave New Rust, and hope you enjoy playing on the server, as I enjoy being your admin for the server.


-Soma Pills 💜🌙

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