“Sign Artist” for Rust

Did you ever wish you could upload a photo onto Rust.

Hang your favorite picture in your new home in Rust.

Well, now you can with, the Rust Plugin, “Sign Artist” you can upload any photo from the internet onto any Wooden Sign.

This can help label storage containers or have your favorite art in your cozy home.

Cheers mate, I hope you guys enjoy.

Here’s is a “Sign Artist” Tutorial


To post a picture on a “Wooden Sign”.

Search Google Image for an image. Copy Image Address.

Have your avatar look at a wooden sign picture…

and type: /sil <url>

Example: /sil http://cdn.lifebuzz.com/images/67094/lifebuzz-bdffe4e5a97f647aff6321f0aceb0a47-limit_2000.jpg

Enter, and it should post.

Watch the video if you have trouble. Hope you all have fun.

-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

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