Dev 99.1: Server Update 3/3

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Hi Brave New Rust Community,

The “Brave New Rust” Server are up and running.

They are updated with the current Rust Patch and below I will post the changes that Garry and his team made.

Thanks again for being part of this community, and we wouldn’t have a successful community without each and everyone of you. I thank you for everyone’s contribution, whether it was PvP, or PvE.

If you didn’t know the default map has gone smaller, and we are still experience this new Vanilla Rust experience, just like everyone else. It has gone from a 4k map to a 3k map.

So good luck on this month Rust season. I hope you guys have more fun this time around.

If there is any issues of racist remarks, harassment, salty users, or toxic players. Please let me know, I will ban them quicker than I can eat Carne Asada tacos, and that’s pretty damn quick.

I want to keep this server a great Rust experience, so that anyone can feel welcome to come join us. Thank you again “Brave New Rust” Community for making that happen!

Stay Rusty My Friends,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

rust-server banner
Dev 99.1

Fixed fuel not being refunded when overspill when dropping on items
Now force disconnects from server when trying to join another from UI
Lock inherits door options
Default option on lock is to open/close the door it is attached to
Fixed ragdoll head stretching
Linux dedicated server creates log files properly
Rcon responses aren't printed to the console/log files
Added admin.bans (returns json list of bans)
console.log, respond with json
Asserts show up red in the server console, have a log file
Updated to Unity 5.3.3p1
Added Impact sounds for chain link fence building parts
Overflowed large furnaces shoot items out of the chimney
Tweaked volume of bush/tree ambient sounds
Fixed building privilege sometimes staying after death/server restart
Added item specific pickup/drop inventory ui sounds
Conditional colliders once again update on server restart
Dungeon art and design update
Reduced default map size to 3000 (from 4000)
Improved procedurally generated rock clusters
Tweaked road and powerline generation
Fixed floaty arid / beach trees
Fixed rocks sometimes spawning on warehouse
Fixed rivers sometimes intersecting warehouse
Fixed occasional sawtooth terrain glitch around monuments
Fixed rivers sometimes starting at insane slopes
Fixed a number of rock formation prefab issues
Fixed missing icebergs
Fixed small static rocks occasionally spawning midair
Updated HapisIsland

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