Season VI: Brave New Rust

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

Servers are updated, I’m still currently on the road and currently on my way back home. Until then the servers are updated and we are good to go. I will update more on my journey and I will be back soon to add more info for Brave New Rust. Thank you for all your patience, I hope you all have fun. Welcome to Season 6 of Brave New Rust.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills


  • Fixed bug where a gun’s magazine would spawn out of thin air in 1st person during reload
  • Dungeon art monthly progress
  • Weapon mods can both offset and scale all weapon stats
  • Fixed weapon hip aim cone parameter being ignored
  • Fixed that only the first weapon attachment was receiving the weapon aiming state
  • Added layer.toggle,, layer.hide and layer.culling admin console commands
  • The restart console command now takes the number of seconds as an argument
  • The default restart timer is now 5 minutes instead of 60 seconds
  • Calling restart -1 cancels the server restart
  • Don’t try to update Steam stats if Steam is not initialized (server error)
  • Fixed projectile weapon repeat / reload delay inaccuracies
  • Optimized entity linking on both client and server
  • Fixed a no-clipping exploit
  • Player model state is now updated and verified once per frame instead of once per tick
  • Fixed an exploit to access the F1 menu admin tools
  • The object quality slider no longer uses far too low quality meshes at close range
  • Suicides are displayed in separate column in the stats console command
  • Weapon attachments are no longer invisible when attached to the held weapon
  • Fixed being able to stack boxes partially inside walls
  • Fixed admins getting violations when disabling no clipping while moving very fast
  • Added flyhack_protection mode 2
  • Increased projectile LOS penalty for player to player damage
  • Building blocks store a unique building ID
  • Buildings have to keep a distance of two meters between each other
  • Fixed sign update issues for clients with slow connections
  • Stripped the .prefab extension from death screen kill messages
  • Procedural Map: Fixed holes in mountains
  • Procedural Map: Increased distance between mountains
  • Procedural Map: Increased monument and road density
  • Procedural Map: Increased minimum powerline distance
  • Procedural Map: Tweaked airfield and cave monument topology
  • Procedural Map: Increased overall number of caves on the map
  • Procedural Map: Decreased minimum distance between caves
  • Procedural Map: Enabled shore wetness on the road material
  • Procedural Map: Tweaked water to landmass ratio
  • Fixed revz related particle issues; e.g. missing fly swarm
  • Fixed scattering related particle issues
  • Added experimental large scale occlusion
  • Added Muzzle Booster
  • Added Muzzle Brake
  • Halved (more or less) attachment costs


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