Season VII: Preview 7/4

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

There’s has been some server issues with blueprints on the US Brave New Rust Server, I have issued a ticket to see there is a remedy. But the end is near and the new XP is about to start on 7/7.

This will be a big change for the game of Rust, even though people might moan and groan about the new system. Change is always good.

So here’s a preview to the next season, it will be bigger map and it should give you guys enough space for more room to build.

So here’s a preview of the new map. 4.5k Next wipe: 7/7/2016
Season 7.png
Good Luck in Season 7, it’s been a honor and pleasure learning and being your admin, next season should be interesting…

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin/Owner

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