BNR: Server Update 7/28


Hi Brave New Rust Community,

Server Updated…

It’s been a very slow month going into Season 7 and with the game being Alpha, we have to expect this month to be not as well as the other month. With that being said we have seen a drop in players because of the pre mid wipe, and for my decision to save the buildings on the Server.

I know some people were not happy with my decision and some were happy. I’m sure I didn’t make everyone happy in this Season 7 of Brave New Rust, but please understand that I’m trying my best to make it all work.

I’m sad to inform the PvE server will be coming down and be changing to different Rust experiment. I have taken down the server because the PvE wasn’t working and wasn’t driving traffic for the game. Lots of Mod problems, lots of updates that made the PvE server broken. So I will try to make a different Server that people would like to play on. I’m currently in the works in changing it to a “Small Map, Vanilla, PVP Server”

I notice people talking about the current server being too big, but that was for the intention of a max 60 man server which we did have on the start, but because of the recent patch, it dropped tremendously.

Moving forward, next season we will go back to 4k and with this new XP system, it looks like we are starting from scratch with the game mechanics of the game again. So in layman’s terms, Since Facepunch had a bumpy patch, expect these growing pains to be better for Season 8.

Thank you for your consideration and your patience, if you don’t come back, I totally understand, and if you do, thanks for coming back next season. Stay easy and stay rusty,

“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

One thought on “BNR: Server Update 7/28

  1. J

    I disagree smaller maps will make it even more difficult for solo and casual players facepunch has already taken care of that clans will dominate even more and chase even more people away as they only tend to target solo.


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