Last Week – Season X: BNR 10/28

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It is the last week and to go over the new changes… Everything that Facepunch had been working on is going to Hell, and it looks like were going to a new system next week.

It looks like they will be revamping the map to a component system and saying GOODBYE to the XP system.

Which means everything that you guys all work hard on is going to be gone. I’m sorry to say this but this game has been a roller coaster. As the Owner of Brave New Rust. I have honestly been burnt out from all the changes but still trying to manage a good Rust experience. I have been gone for work the past few months and from the look of it, the game experience is looking from bad to worst.

I can hope for the best but we’ve been in Alpha for a very long time. I been hearing a lot of concern on the new patch, and if you don’t come back to the game or server, I totally understand. I will keep the server open for the Vanilla Rust Experience.

Anyone on the server, should respect the Admins of the server, if you are banned then it is with good reason. If you’re banned most likely you’re being a smart ass, trolling, or doing something obscene to annoy people. Please respect everyone and understand you’re a guest on my server, you can leave anytime you want, so please don’t threaten me or any of my admin.

You will be banned and get a salt shaker in the forums if you cry more.

Overall, I appreciate your time here in Brave New Rust, and I have seen the rise and fall of this game. Hopefully Facepunch can get their shit together, and as a fellow gamer I’m starting to work on other projects on my Twitch Channel. So I will probably be just monitoring the servers. So enjoy the next season, be marry, and stay Rusty.

You can catch me online or on my Twitch.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” – Admin/Owner


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