Preview Season XIII 12/30

Happy New Year! Brave New Rust Community,

Welcome to the preview of the New Year and we are looking forward to more Rust on the horizon. It will be a new season and there will be new things in store.

Since there has been an increase of new residents of Brave New Rust both US Servers and Australian Server. There will be more updates and changes ahead. Some of the changes is an upgrade on hardware, so you should notice less lag even with the new members coming in and playing on the server. I expect next season to cap to 75 and with the up coming data we will try to increase the cap and community accordingly.

Alykah and Ardin have been doing a great job watching over the server, and making this season feel like the best season of Brave New Rust yet. Thank you so much for your hard work and keeping Brave New Rust a safe place from Trollers, Hackers, and Toxic Players. Thank you so much for keeping the server a fun place to play.

Thanks again community for a great Rust experience!

Even though sometimes Me and the Admins are get flack from Toxic players. Other players have also came up to me and said a lot great things about, “Brave New Rust”. It is those comments that help us know that we’re doing our best to make a great Rust community. Thank you again!

Like always thank you for your support and donations! Every donations goes back to community or growth of other game servers like Ark and Minecraft. We can’t do this without your loving support, so every donation counts as we continue to grow this Rust Community!

Did you know Brave New Rust this month capped at 75 Users and average daily 26 Users at same time! Congratulation!

With that being said, anyone that keeps telling me or my servers admins that my server will die can please stop.


Please don’t private message me or my admins about how you’re going  to leave. Or that you took a poll of people, or how many of your clan will leave the server. Please, I beg you, please just leave the server, because if you do, I will personally ban you myself. So please, don’t do this…

Thank you again for all the toxic folks, we couldn’t do this without your help. We work really hard to keep the numbers at a good rate for the Rust community and do our best to get rid of all the toxic players on our servers.

So without further information, here is the Preview for Brave New Rust Season XIII

New Season, New Map and Bigger Map 4.5k:

Season 13.png

See you next year,
Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

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