Server Update 2/18 No Wipe, Pure Vanilla

Hi Brave New Rust community,

The update is out! Our servers are updated and there has been a couple changes, so please update your Rust Client before logging on the server.

They been lots of changes and testing with Mods. I am trying to get more players to play more competitively on Rust and I have changed the description to make it more PvP friendly. This is a new server so please bare with all the recent changes.

I have taken off all the features of Mods and going back old school. Even though they were fun, such as the photo uploads, and info bar, there were also bugs I notice. Such as people not being able to log in or save problems. Or even dropped Frames Per Seconds. So were going back to Pure Vanilla for the sake of optimization, and how the devs wants it to be played.

There is No Wipe because several folks have address they want to keep their progress. If you guys have any comments or ideas please add me on Steam, Twitch, or comment so you can get in contact of me.

Server UP!
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

The long wait is over: we’ve added server queues! We’ve also been revamping Hapis, adding right-click to the inventory, concepting rad animals, and optimising. Always optimising. That and more at the official site.[]

  • New seed planting sound
  • New spear throw sound
  • Added connection queue
  • Right clicking items with loot open moves them to loot
  • Right clicking items in clothes slots moves them to the inventory
  • Right clicking items in the belt bar moves them to inventory
  • Fixed unreliable saving
  • Improved and tweaked terrain shore wetness
  • Beachside objects, like rocks and driftwood, now getting wetness
  • Updated wood hammer vm anims
  • Added new building conditional model system (performance, reliability, visuals)
  • Reduced stuttering caused by entity despawning when leaving networking groups
  • Added placeholder geometry to buildings while their skin is loading
  • Load balanced worker items are processed by priority
  • Made mesh batch refreshes faster in certain situations
  • Made external walls and window bars use the simplified building block entity
  • Converted entity events from OnDestroy to DoEntityDestroy (modders beware)
  • Retired “Construction Skin” physics layer (modders beware)


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