Server Update 2/18 – Wipe or No Wipe

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Another new update is upon us and there has been a many changes to the server. With new people and new groups.

Moving forward, we can either keep it the way it is, or we can wipe to start over with new rules. The new update will fix a lot of issues of saves, and starting over can reset the balance of power. Maybe have everyone have a fresh start and split the teams.

Please let me know with your comments.

Wipe or No Wipe? 2/18…

-Soma Pills

2 thoughts on “Server Update 2/18 – Wipe or No Wipe

  1. AWDfreak

    Even though I’m up for new ideas to gain more players in the server, I think for right now, we should wait on a 2 week wipe interval and continue the mandatory dev wipe interval as we’ve had it so far.

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