BNR: Server Update 3/9

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It’s has only been almost 1 week into Season 3 of Brave New Rust, and we are already been trading, killing, making alliance, and blindsiding users left and right. It’s been a great week of Rust Drama, and I hope you too are enjoying yourself, having some Vanilla fun.

As an update, the TPK group has been doing their part doing their usual lead greetings to the new members of the Rust community. Trump Towers and Walls are being built. The cool spot to hang out seem to be the Dome, for some 1vs1 PvP action. I lost my helmet on the way to the Dome so still be careful out there in the wasteland.

Every Thursday should be an update, but it looks like Facepunch Studios are using this time to take a break from the game, so right now is a good time to build up and enjoy the game. Also a couple new games are out like Tom Clancy’s The Division, so I’m sure some people are going to be coming in and out. I will keep you posted tomorrow if there are any updates, I’m sure it will probably be an update for more optimization or nothing…

Thanks again for being part of the community, we have grown about 50% in the last couple of months and I thank you for finding this server, and bringing your friends. You guys make the community and there will be more in store for the server, coming soon…

Stay Rusty My Friends,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin
rust-server banner

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