Devblog 101: Server Update 3/11

Peace Pipe.pngHi Brave New Rust Community,

It’s Devblog 101, damn Garry trolled me with the whole Devblog 100 and seems like Rust update will be slow this month. I hope they will bring the level up system soon, and I hope that’s when the Developers will have a BP wipe.

The server is coming along very quickly and the server is still growing. Even on a slow night, it looks like we average 15-20 people still.

Garry added some new skins, but my favorite skin I particularly like, is the new Peace Pipe. It doesn’t look pretty, but looks like its part of the Rust Universe. You can purchase it via link store, or if you want one, I can craft you one in the game. Looks legit!

Thanks again for being part of the Brave New Rust community, I hope the server will cap up soon, and if does, I can increase the server cap level if need be.


This weeks challenge is hunting Bears and Wolfs, we know how troublesome these creature do to the nakeds. So person with the most Bears and Wolf kills by the end of the week, get a Rust Skin from me.

Other than that, I hope you have fun, and if there is any problems please message me for any possible hacks or cheating. Other than me checking around for admin stuff, please be stay safe out there.

If you like this server and like to donate , just click on the, “DONATE to BNR” button on the front page. Any donations will go toward bettering the Rust community and pay for the Servers Maintenance. Thank you for your consideration.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” Owner/Admin


  • Death screen killer name replaced properly in streamer mode
  • Added new skins
  • Updated EAC
  • Added convar server.queriespersecond (flood protection)
  • Added convar server.ipqueriespermin (flood protection)
  • Fixed item stack overflow not overflowing into inventory properly

rust-server banner

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