BNR: Server Update 3/20

Choatic Raid.jpg
The Tempered AK

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

Garry is currently still at GDC and there has been no update for the game of Rust. Other than that, the Brave New Rust community has been popping.

Even with the slow influx of people, coming and leaving. The server still average 25 users on peak nights. On a slow night roughly 10-15 user. Also I notice more clans have been staying on later playing around the 12am-4am shifts. Also the server always seems to have users 24/7 now compare to last season. So in all fairness, the server is still growing and steadily growing with different people all around the world.

Shoreline Village.jpg
Shoreline Village – AU Brave New Rust

The AU Brave New Rust server is steadily growing too. There’s been a steady bit of traffic, but definitely seems like a fun new server to start over if your tired of US Brave New Rust. Overall, thank you for all the new folks from the Down Under for joining the community. Just please spread the good news down there. Cheers from the US.

Thanks again, for being part of the community, I’m going to steadily be going to work and popping in and out very soon. My move out of California is coming very soon, so I will continue to do my best to monitor for hackers and potential other issues that goes about on the server.

I appreciate all the reports and I hope to keep the game as clean as possible of cheaters. I suggest for future issues for users to start recording their game play. This will help me investigate any potential users problems remotely and still monitor the servers. Thanks again for all your cooperation.

OBS recording guide coming soon…

Stay Rusty My Friends,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin


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Steam Community Group





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