Dev Blog 103 – 3/24

devblog 103

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

Devblog 103 is out and the both US and AU servers are updated.

The community is slowly changing and growing at the same time.

Many have voice many concern on how the server is operating but moving forward, there will be no more harassment on the admin and any decision that is made will be final. Arguing or disrespecting the Admins or Mods can result to future kicks/ban.

Overall, please treat people with the respect they deserve. Act toxic and aggressive towards the community will get you kicked out of this server.

**Ignorance is not an excuse…you will be kicked and banned. **

So please, treat everyone with respect, especially the community.

Please report to me for any harassment or cheaters. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Stay Rusty My Friends,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

rust-server banner
Brave New Rust: Steam Community


  • Added more inventory UI sounds
  • Right clicking clothes in inventory tries to wear them
  • Fixed syringe having to be redeployed if using multiple times (modded servers)
  • Reduced craft time of wooden, barbed and metal barricades
  • Clamped client.lookatradius (exploit fix)
  • Fixed exceptions when saving on linux (mono bug)
  • Fixed locking input if trying to open chat with chat disabled
  • Armour can lose condition when shot/attacked
  • Armour can break
  • Armour protection is relative to condition
  • Added jerry can worldmodel for crude oil
  • Eating cans of food produces empty cans (smeltable in campfire)


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