Season V: Brave New Rust 5/5

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It is the start of Season V of Brave New Rust. New changes to the Rust game, and new changes with my life. I just came back from my trip from the desert and like always learn new things about humanity. I hope you enjoyed your time in Brave New Rust in April. Overall, people came and go, but the fact people are still coming in and playing and checking out the Game Development of Rust, is a great thing. Good thing were still in Alpha…

It’s a New Month and New Season, So both the AUS and US have a new Map and New Wipe. Sorry no XP system yet, it looks like they will add it hopefully in June. Until then, Welcome to Season V of Brave New Rust. I’m still in the process of moving so it looks like I will be out of California before the end of the month, until then…stay Rusty…

-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin



  • Lots of audio polish & mix tweaks
  • New footsteps w/ more variations per surface type
  • More bow & crossbow attack sound variations
  • Bear/wolf footsteps are audible from farther away
  • Fixed movement being faster when walking diagonally
  • Fixed metal facemasks not always protecting against headshots
  • Procedural Map: Dungeon updates
  • Procedural Map: New powerline meshes
  • Procedural Map: New mountain types
  • Procedural Map: More distance between huge mountains
  • Procedural Map: Reduced water wave clipping
  • Procedural Map: More aggressive altitude based snow
  • Procedural Map: Snow patches of various sizes in the far north
  • Procedural Map: Micro cliffs can no longer spawn on roads
  • Procedural Map: Wild pumpkins and corn spawn more reliably
  • Procedural Map: Mushrooms spawn inside forests on ground patches with no grass
  • Procedural Map: Overall mushroom, pumpkin and corn populations are higher
  • Procedural Map: Airfield walls no longer float slightly above ground
  • Procedural Map: Fixed rivers sometimes intersecting with dungeon sewer systems
  • Procedural Map: Loading time optimizations (mostly cliff and monument placement)
  • Procedural Map: Reduced overall bush and clutter rock density slightly
  • Procedural Map: Tweaked the size of driftwood spawn patches
  • Procedural Map: World size is now clamped between 1000 and 6000
  • Many food items now stack to 10
  • 556 stacks to 100
  • Charcoal stacks to 1000
  • Fixed helicopter gibs being destroyed by fire
  • Human meat reduces hydration
  • Added new Waterbarrel art
  • Reactive target cost reduction
  • Reactive target automatically resets after 6 seconds of being knocked down
  • Added Fish Trap
  • Added various fish meat and constituent products

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