BNR: Server Update 4/28

Building 101
Hi Brave New Rust Community,

It is the last week of the month, and the Servers are all updated. I been MIA for a bit, working but I still manage to still update the server and keep the lights on. I hope you enjoyed your time in “Brave New Rust”Season V will be coming soon.

-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin/Owner
rust-server banner

2 thoughts on “BNR: Server Update 4/28

  1. Ser Jerald

    Hello Soma! Just wanted to say that I’m super happy to have finally found a devwipe only Rust server in my area, I imagine I will probably play here a lot!

    Hope to see you in-game. – Jerald

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    1. Hi Ser Jerald, Are you from AUS or US? I’m glad to help the Rust Community with a reliable server to play on. Thanks for the comments and your appreciation, it means a lot to me. Cheers mate!


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