BNR: Server Rules 6/6

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Here are the main rules:

  • No Racist Comments and Chat (I.E…Nazi, Gender Insults, Harassement)
  • Don’t use any types of hacks
  • You will be banned if found to have an EAC ban on other account(s)
  • If you are caught repeatedly playing with hackers you will be banned
  • No manipulation of your network connection to cheat/glitch (life time ban)
  • No looking up other players social media pages and talking about it in game or using their pictures
  • No over the top or constant personal attacks towards other players, It’s a game so have fun and don’t make other people feel miserable
  • No abusing glitches
  • No spamming of in game chat
  • Don’t Advertise other servers/websites
  • No impersonating admins and/or other players (Including clan tags)
  • No voice spamming by holding down the mic button for an extended amount of time with the goal to piss people off.
  • Don’t spread false information to cause trouble.
  • DON’T use a VPN, hackers often use these so they are harder to track down. Playing on a VPN may get you automatically banned

Use your common-sense, if you think it could be breaking the rules then chances are it is… i shouldn’t have to spell out every rule.

Admins may ban or chat/voice mute for any reason, it isn’t your right to play on the server, you are a guest and if we get sick of you then you are gone.


4 thoughts on “BNR: Server Rules 6/6

  1. Rob (Tater)

    Why can you not craft ceiling lights and lanterns? I have never been on a server yet that didnt allow this. I came to this server because I followed a friend, but I don’t think I’m going to be hanging around if I can’t make my base look as good or better at night as it does during the day,


  2. Iceman

    You can craft hanging lights and lanterns. I crafted some just the other day. I’m not sure if you are having an issue on your end or what. Do you have the blueprints required to make them?


    1. Rob

      You are correct. I really don’t know what I was thinking. I had just came to your server from another where I had practically all the bpsunshine. At any rate, thanks for the response and reminding me.


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