Brave New Rust: PvE 6/11


Hi Brave New Rust Community,

I’m back and I have added a new server for Brave New Rust and it is a server that has been long awaited. A server that’s built on community and creative building side on Rust.

Welcome to “US West – Brave New Rust: PvE”


US West – Brave New Rust – |PvE| |Noob Friendly| |4KMap|


US West – Brave New Rust, a PvE Server run by Soma Pills / Server #3

Low Latency, Only Dev-Wipe, Noob Friendly, PvE, Veteran Owned, 4kMap

Modded Server Rust Plugins:

  • – Live Map
  • Info Bar – Info, Composs,
  • No Decay – Buildings Stay for Creativity
  • Indestructable Buidling – No worry about raiding/
  • Removal Tool – Remove unwanted walls…
  • Signed Artist – Upload Photos on Canvus
  • RankMe – Rust Server Stats
  • ZLevel Remasterd – Resources Gathering Level Up System
  • Server Rewards – TBA…


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