BNR: Server Update 6/16

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

All Servers are updated, so have fun.

I’m currently working on my computer and upgrading my hardware. I’m trying to continue to improve my Twitch Channel and the Brave New Rust Community. So any suggestion or if you want to help out, please message me for inquire on how to better the community.

I have lots of ideas that are in line, such as; special events, making Rust videos, taking more screen shots, and more PvP. I hope Brave New Rust continues to grow as a community and I will do my best to manage all the servers.

We have 3 servers now and I hope with more support and members we can continue to make Brave New Rust grow. Thank you for being a part of it, so stay rusty and be kind to each other. With the recent current events, we can find ourselves peace in Rust.

-Soma Pills
Brave New Rust – Owner/Admin

Changed decay of most deployables to 2 days delay and 2 days duration
Changed decay of boxes and furnaces to 2 days delay and 4 days duration
Changed default decay tick interval to 10 minutes
Most deployables can now be repaired
Fixed incorrect collision meshes on twig roof sides
Terrain collision is now always reset when admin cheat is toggled
Added server side client tick flooding protection
Added maxflood server convar (allowed player ticks per second)
Player position ticks are now processed as a curve on the server
Added noclip_protection mode 3 (verifies movement on position curve)
Added noclip_stepsize and noclip_maxsteps server convars
Increased strictness of fly and speed hack detection
Improved color grading performance
Improved ambient occlusion performance
Added back river flow
Added river foam

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