Big Base Blog: Christmas Event Update 12/15


This season, we have some cool and large bases that I wanted to highlight in a little blog. Did your base make the cut?


This base here has a very interesting shadow while the sun is setting!




This base is gigantic and maybe the biggest one I’ve seen this season!



Someone’s got the new doors!




I kid you not, this base surrounds an ENTIRE LAKE! Whaaaat. I can’t imagine the upkeep.



I love the tower in this one with the diagonal parts coming off of it! Creative!






Neat step lookin’ things!



Where else do you build in the desert! Gotta make sure you have plenty to drink!



This is someone’s little hidey hole!



Found a castle!


Well, did your base make the cut? There are a few really creative bases this season!

Know of one I missed? Let me know in the comments, in game, or in private message so I can catch it in the season ending blog!

Hope you’re all having a great season! I’m excited for the changes coming up in today’s patch. Here is a link to Rustafied where you can read all about today’s patch.

Two things I’d like to highlight are INDOOR PLANTERS and CHRISTMAS STUFF!

You will now be able to grow plants inside your base! Celing lights (and of course: TENDER LOVING CARE) will help them grow quicker and yield more resources!  There will be a small and a large planter.  I’m very excited for this!

Secondly, CHRISTMAS! I know we’re all pumped for the holiday. I can’t wait to play Santa Claus! On Christmas day (on both servers!), I am going to go around the map and place down Christmas skin large boxes next to the Christmas Skinned sand bags. They will be filled with goodies!  Stockings, presents, coal (! have you been naughty..), and probably a few other goodies too (yes, things that go BOOM!).

I am also going to make some pit stops at monuments and if you are brave enough, come see Santa and get some extra boom stuff!  It’ll make the last week of the year a fun one, don’t you think?

This should make for an interesting PvP day.  *Giggles evilly*

Have a great time!

“Brave New Rust” -Admin

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