Server: Growing Pains 2/30

Hey guys! Welcome to the last week of a chaotic Season XIII and another edition of the BNR:Blog!

We have the new server up and running.  There were many ways we could have done this, and we appreciate those who supported our decision to open it early so there was plenty of time to transition from the old server.  We realize that split the population, which could be seen as less than ideal.

We expect to cap out on 2/2, which is when the next wipe is.

You know I like to keep you all updated on the goings on, so here it is.  The server has been kinda laggy, with a few unexpected lag spikes and restarts.  The current thought is that it is the system just getting up and running.  We are expecting this to not last longer.  We made even more hardware upgrades and basically there is no reason that with the equipment we have running this it should be having issues.

That being said, we definitely are going to keep an eye on the server in case this doesn’t settle down.  We have until Thursday to figure it out, so please bare with us while we make the adjustments necessary to make your Rust experience here on Brave New Rust a great one.  Soma, Awshift and I work on this every single day, and though it’s not perfect yet, we are learning.

Lastly, there is a small chance we do need to move down to a smaller map and possibly a 100 player count.  That is, if we don’t fix the issue, it could be because Rust is literally still in alpha and the software is hard to balance.  (Look, I’m not the computer person here, I leave all that up to Soma and Awshift, but this is my understanding…) We are going to try everything we can to keep the pop at 150 and the map at 4500.

Again, thank you for your patience, understanding, and willing to stay with us during these growing pains. You are part of a fantastic community and we appreciate you.

Lastly, please remember as a community server, you are a guest on the server we pay for.  We do not require donations (though please consider donating!), so you play here for free.  We have the right to remove anyone from our server for ANY REASON WHAT-SO-EVER. That includes suspected hacking, disrespect towards players or admins, hate speech, or just a bad attitude.  With the population being at or near our cap, we want to make sure the cream of the crop is here playing on this server and will remove anyone who doesn’t meet our standards.

This is not abuse, this is just how it is.

I hope you don’t step on any legos today,

We’re Moving…US: BNR, Logistics Info 1/22


NEW SERVER | US West – Brave New Rust


Hey guys! It’s Alykah again with another exciting edition of the BNR:Blog!

We all know the turbulence that we went through last week. Boy, that was a doozy but we have recovered even stronger.  It also gave us a wake up call that YOU GUYS DESERVE MORE!

I’m sure you’ve heard talks about us expanding again, and YES they’re true.  Here’s the lowdown:

Please note, these changes are currently for the U.S. Server ONLY.

  • On 2/2, Brave New Rust is moving completely to a new server provider. Though we won’t bash our old one, it’s clear that it wasn’t the quality that we need for our fantastic players and server. Our new server provider has excellent reviews and was personally recommended to us by many people, including several I trust.  Soma has already begun speaking with this company to make sure this transition is as easy as possible.
  • The server will NO LONGER BE IN YOUR HISTORY/FAVORITES. This new server will have a new IP address, so it will no longer be able to be so easily joined until you find it in the list and join it again. It’s super easy, just search Brave New Rust.  The current/old server will have the IP address in the name of the server but there are several other ways to get the new server IP. You may email to be emailed as soon as we have the IP;  you may add Alykah on Steam to receive a message;  you may check the blog and Discord channel;  lastly, it will be in the Steam group Brave New Rust.
  • Our population is changing, we’re not sure about the map size. We are increasing the population size to 150.  We expect that we may have a small dip in population while the new server puts down its roots, but with amazing players like the ones we already have, we don’t expect this to last long at all.  Our hardware will be capable of supporting 200 players with room to grow even more if we are able.  Should our map size grow? Please vote >>>here<<<.
  • Your admins are working hard to ensure this change is as seamless as possible. As you know, Soma, Awshift and I are here for YOU.  We love this server and want to see it be successful, which is why we decided to make this change. A LOT of behind the scenes work goes into every decision made here at BNR. We might get a lot of salt, but we also get a lot of love and appreciate that a million times over. It makes us want to continue working hard for you.
  • Lastly, this is not a cheap move. It’s never fun to talk about, but the server costs are more than doubling.  If anyone is able to chip in a donation, every dollar helps and is extremely appreciated. In the note with your donation, include your in game name so we can give you a shout out on the blog and in all chat on the server! You will truly be an MVP! Please consider donating >>>here<<<.

Some upcoming projects:

  • PvP, Parkour, Trivia contests. We’ve decided we like you guys so much that we’re going to do small contests a few times a month. I’m hoping to get one or two done by the end of the month.  Prizes given away will be game codes or Rust item skins.
  • Intro video for the server. I need some help on this one. You can help by emailing some recordings to (preferably cut down to include some action so I don’t have to sort through hours of video).  This can include PvE (animals, heli) action and PvP action! But… I may also need someone to aid in putting it together with me.  Contact Alykah on Steam or via email to see if we can get together and do this!

So there ya go! A complete run down of most of the things we’re doing currently. Wooooosh. Lots of stuff there.

For the Australian server peeps: Please welcome your new admin Orpheus who is helping me out.  Hard for me to monitor you guys because of the time change, but I think this will be great.

PLEASE PLEASE — We love your feedback.  You can leave a comment here, our Discord channel, or message us on Steam.

I’ll leave you with my new motto – Quality is better than quantity. Thanks for being wonderful players.

Lovingly always,

BNR: Christmas Time 12/22


AUS: 7pm EST time on Christmas Eve (continued throughout the night)

US: 10am EST on Christmas Day (continued throughout the day, when I’m available)

25 (or so) large boxes with christmas skins
25 sand bag barriers with christmas skins
Small, Medium, Large presents randomly
Some rockets, c4, a few guns
Coal (for funny effect)

Place randomly around the map.  Sandbags next to chests to help stand out more.
This will encourage exploration and PvP.

I will also keep a few of the nice prizes and spend a bit of time at a few monuments. I will have godmode on, and hand out presents if someone is brave enough to come near. Will announce my location to the whole server so that people will come. Lots of PvP.

Just a list of fun activities. If you think of any suggestions, please let me know!

Let’s have a great rest of the season!

Love always,

Change Log…

Fixed water occasionally not visible when exiting caves
Fixed billboard shadows in OSX/GL
Added culling to projected cave decals (performance)
Fixed some minor server side line of sight verification issues
Fixed pumpkin and santa hat being invisible
Fixed partially harvested ore nodes showing up as fully intact
Fixed cave building exploits
Reduced networking MTU size from 1430 to 1400
Added periodic position updates with server side verification to projectiles
Fixed projectile ricochet verification issues
Fixed parts of the bear corpse not being harvestable
Tweaked weapon reload verification
Fixed endless vm bandage bug
Fixed vm flamethrower flickering hand bug
Added clothing world models
Updated santa hat art
Added Large Planter
All plants must be placed atleast 0.5m of eachother
Plants now have a placement guide
Enabled Holiday Content
Entity lookup optimizations
Picked up items go into belt bar if appropriate
Crafted items go into belt bar if appropriate
Fixed reactive target not initializing animator parameters when streaming in while knocked down
Fixed reactive target allocating an array and an enumerator on every network update
Re-enabled small planters
NRE fixes
Fixed small planter scale
Fixed not being able to place planters close to walls
Fixed bells always playing when you first join a server with xmas enabled
Plants in planters survive the cold of the desert/arctic instead of just dying
Candle hat effect position tweak
Stricter, unified RPC_Server.MaxDistance
Server restart countdown is less spammy when a lot of time is left
Admins can chat as much as they want
Multiple players can access storage containers at the same time
Fixed grass displacement clamping issue
Pushed min shadow distance to 50 (exploits)

Big Base Blog: Christmas Event Update 12/15


This season, we have some cool and large bases that I wanted to highlight in a little blog. Did your base make the cut?


This base here has a very interesting shadow while the sun is setting!




This base is gigantic and maybe the biggest one I’ve seen this season!



Someone’s got the new doors!




I kid you not, this base surrounds an ENTIRE LAKE! Whaaaat. I can’t imagine the upkeep.



I love the tower in this one with the diagonal parts coming off of it! Creative!






Neat step lookin’ things!



Where else do you build in the desert! Gotta make sure you have plenty to drink!



This is someone’s little hidey hole!



Found a castle!


Well, did your base make the cut? There are a few really creative bases this season!

Know of one I missed? Let me know in the comments, in game, or in private message so I can catch it in the season ending blog!

Hope you’re all having a great season! I’m excited for the changes coming up in today’s patch. Here is a link to Rustafied where you can read all about today’s patch.

Two things I’d like to highlight are INDOOR PLANTERS and CHRISTMAS STUFF!

You will now be able to grow plants inside your base! Celing lights (and of course: TENDER LOVING CARE) will help them grow quicker and yield more resources!  There will be a small and a large planter.  I’m very excited for this!

Secondly, CHRISTMAS! I know we’re all pumped for the holiday. I can’t wait to play Santa Claus! On Christmas day (on both servers!), I am going to go around the map and place down Christmas skin large boxes next to the Christmas Skinned sand bags. They will be filled with goodies!  Stockings, presents, coal (! have you been naughty..), and probably a few other goodies too (yes, things that go BOOM!).

I am also going to make some pit stops at monuments and if you are brave enough, come see Santa and get some extra boom stuff!  It’ll make the last week of the year a fun one, don’t you think?

This should make for an interesting PvP day.  *Giggles evilly*

Have a great time!

“Brave New Rust” -Admin

Ardin: New Admin; Increased Server Size

20161209002145_1Hey friends!

We did two very exciting things today!

First, we added a new admin to the Brave New Rust team.  Please give a warm ‘welcome’ to Ardin.  Treat him with the same respect you give me. (Maybe better… o_-)

Ardin has been around the server a very long time and has been playing Rust since legacy.  He has been playing on BNR since Season 3 and is a very nice, fair guy who we are lucky to have on the team. We both (and Soma, of course!) will work hard to bring you guys a great Rust experience.

Secondly, we increased the server size to 60.  This is an experimental step to see how larger we can/want to grow the server. 50 seems too low, as for the last week we have had a queue every night.  We also really love the ‘smaller’ community feel, we are very much like a large internet family and want to keep it that way.

If we get donations and the server continues to queue, then we may consider increasing it to 75.  This would most likely be the highest we will go. Please GO HERE to donate. Every little bit helps!

Thank you to Batonrooge and Remoes who have recently donated.

Please leave any comments or suggestions below.

Have fun!
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

Alykah’s Playing Santa Claus!

santa-in-rustHelloooo Rust!

Welcome to Alykah’s first blog post ever! What a great start of the season so far. Soma and I have been so happy with the population lately.

I’m very sad about the painting bug.  If you haven’t seen my tiger rust painting, check it out HERE.  I’d love to do another one this month, but with paintings wiping after a few hours and no one other than you able to see them, it’s kinda a lost cause.  Hopefully a mid-month patch will fix it up!

I have exciting news! Since I love you all SO MUCH(!), I have decided to give a little ‘Christmas’ treat. Winter treat, seasonal treat, holiday treat… whatever! It’s just going to happen to be on the day of Christmas (December 25! It’s a Sunday!).

I am going to be doing something special.  Yes this IS a vanilla server and this is a little different, but hey, let’s have a bit of seasonal fun.

Here is what I’m thinking:(feedback welcome!)

I am going to hide small boxes around the map and put goodies in them! The stockings that may be given out.. you can hang them on your wall and presents will appear in a few days! How neat! Well, at least that is what is SUPPOSED to happen.  I am currently testing this theory.  They’re neat for decoration, anyway.

It’ll be a lot of fun being able to go hide and seek boxes with fun stuff.  I suspect there will be some good PvP happening! Woo!

Thanks for being awesome,

Love to all,
“Brave New Rust” -Admin