We’re Moving…US: BNR, Logistics Info 1/22


NEW SERVER | US West – Brave New Rust


Hey guys! It’s Alykah again with another exciting edition of the BNR:Blog!

We all know the turbulence that we went through last week. Boy, that was a doozy but we have recovered even stronger.  It also gave us a wake up call that YOU GUYS DESERVE MORE!

I’m sure you’ve heard talks about us expanding again, and YES they’re true.  Here’s the lowdown:

Please note, these changes are currently for the U.S. Server ONLY.

  • On 2/2, Brave New Rust is moving completely to a new server provider. Though we won’t bash our old one, it’s clear that it wasn’t the quality that we need for our fantastic players and server. Our new server provider has excellent reviews and was personally recommended to us by many people, including several I trust.  Soma has already begun speaking with this company to make sure this transition is as easy as possible.
  • The server will NO LONGER BE IN YOUR HISTORY/FAVORITES. This new server will have a new IP address, so it will no longer be able to be so easily joined until you find it in the list and join it again. It’s super easy, just search Brave New Rust.  The current/old server will have the IP address in the name of the server but there are several other ways to get the new server IP. You may email alykahplays@gmail.com to be emailed as soon as we have the IP;  you may add Alykah on Steam to receive a message;  you may check the blog and Discord channel;  lastly, it will be in the Steam group Brave New Rust.
  • Our population is changing, we’re not sure about the map size. We are increasing the population size to 150.  We expect that we may have a small dip in population while the new server puts down its roots, but with amazing players like the ones we already have, we don’t expect this to last long at all.  Our hardware will be capable of supporting 200 players with room to grow even more if we are able.  Should our map size grow? Please vote >>>here<<<.
  • Your admins are working hard to ensure this change is as seamless as possible. As you know, Soma, Awshift and I are here for YOU.  We love this server and want to see it be successful, which is why we decided to make this change. A LOT of behind the scenes work goes into every decision made here at BNR. We might get a lot of salt, but we also get a lot of love and appreciate that a million times over. It makes us want to continue working hard for you.
  • Lastly, this is not a cheap move. It’s never fun to talk about, but the server costs are more than doubling.  If anyone is able to chip in a donation, every dollar helps and is extremely appreciated. In the note with your donation, include your in game name so we can give you a shout out on the blog and in all chat on the server! You will truly be an MVP! Please consider donating >>>here<<<.

Some upcoming projects:

  • PvP, Parkour, Trivia contests. We’ve decided we like you guys so much that we’re going to do small contests a few times a month. I’m hoping to get one or two done by the end of the month.  Prizes given away will be game codes or Rust item skins.
  • Intro video for the server. I need some help on this one. You can help by emailing some recordings to alykahplays@gmail.com (preferably cut down to include some action so I don’t have to sort through hours of video).  This can include PvE (animals, heli) action and PvP action! But… I may also need someone to aid in putting it together with me.  Contact Alykah on Steam or via email to see if we can get together and do this!

So there ya go! A complete run down of most of the things we’re doing currently. Wooooosh. Lots of stuff there.

For the Australian server peeps: Please welcome your new admin Orpheus who is helping me out.  Hard for me to monitor you guys because of the time change, but I think this will be great.

PLEASE PLEASE — We love your feedback.  You can leave a comment here, our Discord channel, or message us on Steam.

I’ll leave you with my new motto – Quality is better than quantity. Thanks for being wonderful players.

Lovingly always,

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