iPanel Update 2/12


Here in Brave New Rust, I try to make the Rust experience the best as possible.

I know when I started this game, I was lost and I couldn’t find my way where I was going with the map.

With the iPanel Update, it gives you at least a sense of idea of where you are going. Also a counter, to let you know that you are not alone.

If you didn’t know we have a Live Map feature on the server. You just need to log in with your steam account and you can locate yourself on the Map.


This feature is made so you and your buddies can group up faster and help gather resources safer.

Info on the iPanel will be below, hope you enjoy. Thanks again for being part of the community.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

This is a small information panel.

– In-Game / Server Time.
– Online Player counter
– Sleeper Counter
– Message box
– Airdrop alert
– Helicopter alert
– Radiation alert
– Coordinates
– Full Customization
– Custom Panels: Simple text and Icon
– Api

Chat commands:

  • /ipanel – Show the available commands
  • /ipanel hide – Hide the InfoPanel
  • /ipanel show – Show the InfoPanel
  • /ipanel clock game – The clock will show the in-game time.
  • /ipanel clock server <+/-hours> – The clock will show the RL time. You can add or remove hours.
  • /ipanel timeformat – Show the available time formats.
  • /ipanel timeformat <number> – Select your favorite time format from the list.


  • Available: (Default: true), With this option u can turn on or off a panel.
  • Dock: (Default: BottomPanel) , With this option u can choose the dock panel.
  • Order: With this option u can set the order of the panels. (Panels with the same dock and AnchorX)
  • AnchorX: (Default: Left), You can pull the panel to the left or right side of the dock. (Left/Right)
  • AnchorY: (Default: Bottom), You can pull the panel to the top or bottom of the dock/screen. (Top/Bottom)
  • Width: Panel width. (0-1)
  • Height: Panel height. (0-1)
  • Margin: (Default: 0 0 0 0.005) Panel margin (Top,Right,Bottom,Left)
  • Autoload: (Default: true) If u turn this off (false). The panel not will be displayed automatically. But other plugins can trigger it.


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