BNR: Season 4 Preview

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

Season 4 will be coming very soon. I know this month has been kind of slow with people coming in and out of different games. Since this has been a weird month, it feels alot slower with the break between with GDC. Next season we’re going to try to spice it up and keep Brave New Rust fast and fresh. 4/7/2016…

Here is a Preview of Season 4 of US Brave New Rust. New 4k Map and Changes… 4072016.png

BP Wipe – It’s been a long time since we had a BP Wipe, and it looks like the level up system will come later. So expect a new fresh start for US Brave New Rust…since AU Brave New Rust it still new, there will not be a BP wipe for AU.

Bi-Monthly Map Wipes – All Buildings will be wiped, but were expected to have more people come back and that requires more room. Expect a bigger 4k map and a earlier wipe, it will be two weeks wipe, instead of a month. So expect more action and more people to move next door to you…

All Chat – All Chat will change to local chat, this is due to the abuse of salty users and cyber bullying. Brave New Rust should be a place of fun, not a playground for dirty laundry or toxic behavior…Therefore any users trolling in local chat will know that they are also in close proximity of bullets…

Rads Will Be On – I have to test if this works, but the idea is to bring back the Rads back on the Map. This will forces more strategy of building and make landmarks different…

New Players, New Clans – I’m sure with every season, we will grow bigger so I appreciate everyone contributing by telling people about the server and how nice it is. I appreciate all the great feedback. 🙂

Again, thank you for all the donations I have gotten from several people on the server, your donations help me so much. I put a lot of money and efforts of my own time to produce a good Rust product for anyone to enjoy. Every contribution has helped keep the server up and my time to market Brave New Rust for more players.

If you like what I’m doing for the Rust Community. You can always Donate to BNR!

With your special gift you can ensure that Brave New Rust can always keep growing.

Stay Rusty My Friends,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin
rust-server banner

4 thoughts on “BNR: Season 4 Preview

      1. riff

        we don’t want a 2 week wipe. some of us cant play all day and it takes a week or more to get started. if you go to a 2 week wipe we will have to look somewhere else. which is to bad. I liked ur server


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