BNR: Server Update 4/7

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Hi Brave New Rust Community,

The US and AU Server are updated with the 4k Map. Garry also did a BP Wipe, for some unknown reason…

4.07.2016 Map

The map doesn’t seem like it is 100% because of the new update, so please bare with the new patch. Rust.IO probably needs to be updated still with the new patch.

I still plan to have the US Brave New Rust on a Bi-Weekly Wipe. Anyone that wants to have a full month without a wipe, can join the AU Brave New Rust. I plan to keep the AU Server under the Full Dev-Wipe because it is still a brand new server.

Again this is just experiments, and things are always subject to change. Thank you for your cooperation and hope you enjoy the NEW 4k map.

“Welcome to Season IV of Brave New Rust!”

Stay Rusty My Friends,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin/Owner


rust-server banner
Brave New Rust: Steam Community


Grass is rougher
Grass uses physically based shading
Added new player models
Added 30 minute idle kick if server is full
Fixed ragdoll stretching
Fixed player model being visible for 1 frame when ragdoll becomes visible
Ragdolls legs don't bend backwards anymore
Fixed local player sometimes holding multiple weapons
Fixed double deploy warning
Added specnet convar (for admins)
Fixed weapon firing etc when map is open
Fixed disappearing holosight
Switched back to post/overlay-based ambient occlusion
Improved reflection occlusion
Made reflection probes less dark
Fixed viewmodel shadow shader errors in legacy OpenGL/Linux
Faster water simulation
Thirdperson camera doesn't go through stuff
Thirdperson camera rotates with the target
Thirdperson camera mouse wheel zoom
Fixed bug where looking down above water could clip and show ocean floor
Added soft-particle fade to highest quality version of rainfall
Signs can be edited by the locker
Signs can be unlocked by the locker
Signs can always be unlocked/edited by admins
Train carriages and sedan vehicles updated in dungeons
Fixed pumpjack body disappearing in the distance
Player models blink
Player model eyes move
Fixed rockets only dealing half their damage to building parts
Fixed overly bright footprints and bullet decals on sand
Can enter codelock codes with keyboard
Codelock dialog doesn't show entered code (shows ****)
Fixed slight differences in projectile behaviour with varying frame rate
Fixed anti hack failing to detect players clipping into river rocks
Fixed rocks sometimes disappearing before buildings and players
Hemp plants and ore nodes are bigger and easier to spot
Ore nodes now always spawn around other rock formations
Tweaked the scale of bushes and small trees
Procedural Map: New forests
Procedural Map: New terrain texturing algorithm
Procedural Map: Better cliff mesh placement and more variety
Procedural Map: New clutter vegetation and rocks
Procedural Map: More natural looking beach terrain
Procedural Map: Better river generation
Procedural Map: Road width varies slightly
Procedural Map: Fixed rivers occasionally failing to be detected as water
Procedural Map: Optimized road and river vertex count
Procedural Map: Fixed occasionally visible hard edges on roads and rivers
Procedural Map: Mountains let other objects spawn around their lower parts
Procedural Map: Fixed midair rocks around river mouths
Procedural Map: Better rock cluster vegetation
Procedural Map: Fixed terrain lighting artifacts around certain rock formations
Added the new clutter vegetation and rocks to all handmade maps
Grenades are much snappier and predictable
Beancan grenades are more reliable
Fixed shelves being able to be placed inside eachother
Fix for being able to freelook while aiming
Item attachments are refunded when a weapon is used for crafting (sentry)
Ceiling light placement/floating bugfixes
Fixed metal facemask protecting too much
Lowered other helmet protection
Syringe heals 15 instantly and 20 over time
Increased emission of ceiling lights


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