BNR: Server Update 4/18

RequiemHi Brave New Rust Community,

Due to my busy schedule, I have changed back the US server wipe to be back to Developers Wipe. Which means you have an extra 3 weeks to shoot and build on “Brave New Rust”

I hope you enjoy, your stay.

Next Wipe will be 5/5/2016

Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin/Owner

rust-server banner

2 thoughts on “BNR: Server Update 4/18

  1. Soma,

    I think the server should still get wiped on a bi-weekly schedule, considering this is a relatively low population server, peaking around ~15 people on at any given time. It looks like all that remains is a few small groups with their own massive bases and territory. At this rate, any new person that joins (if new people do join) will be picked off relatively quick. The server will become stagnant as the remaining players get raided and eventually the population will fall off waiting for the next wipe. A Bi-Weekly wipe would be good for your server at its current population.


    1. Hi Maddog543, I did try a bi-weekly for the month of April, but the server wanted me to change it back to monthly. Thanks for your suggestion, but we tried this experiment already and it didn’t work out. I changed it back to monthly for the community, ty.


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