Brave New Rust: Season XII

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

We finally made it to the final season of the year and to have a server last for a whole year has been a big accomplishment for the whole community. I know the server is not perfect, so as I start to work on new projects and new life projects. I will past the torch to Alykah so next season or future season will be updated smoothly.

As we wind down to the end of the year. I hope you all had a good time in Brave New Rust. Its been a long year for me and my life. Creating this server means a lot, and took a lot of grinding work. As I finish up this year, I will work on other servers such as Minecraft and Ark and I plan to do the same to those games as I did to Rust.

Thank you for a great community!

See you Next Year!
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Owner/Admin

So for the server details:

Server Wipe: 12/1/2016 Next Wipe: 1/5/2017

Season 12.png

Change Log…

Added natural caves to the world generation
Increased default world size to 3500
Optimized world generation times of bigger maps
Increased prevent building zone around water treatment plant
Fixed lighthouse sometimes spawning far out on the ocean
Fixed some deployables being placeable partially inside constructions
Fixed pillars, walls and floors reaching into prevent building volumes
Fixed some foundation stacking exploits
Fixed some weapon firing rate exploits
Slightly stricter melee / projectile anti hack
Added sounds for the bota bag
Added sounds for the small water bottle
Viewmodel for c4
Viewmodel for satchel charge
Viewmodel for survey charge
Holdtype for c4
Holdtype for satchel charge
Holdtype for survey charge
Worldmodel for c4
Worldmodel for satchel charge
Worldmodel for survey charge
Sfx setup & sounds for for c4
Sfx setup & sounds for for satchel charge
Sfx setup & sounds for for survey charge
Halved cost for most exotic building pieces (embarsure, prison gate, chainlink etc)
Rebalanced loot tables to never have garbage in higher end loot tiers
M92 implemented
Codelocks no longer automatically unlock when code is entered
Reduced component cost for satchel charges 
Reduced component cost for ladders
Increased salvaged tool component costs
Made most military weapons uncraftable
Thrown items (satchel/c4/etc) are properly oriented to throw/land positions
Spears do more melee damage
Spears are easier to hit people with
Spears do less throw damage

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