Alykah’s Playing Santa Claus!

santa-in-rustHelloooo Rust!

Welcome to Alykah’s first blog post ever! What a great start of the season so far. Soma and I have been so happy with the population lately.

I’m very sad about the painting bug.  If you haven’t seen my tiger rust painting, check it out HERE.  I’d love to do another one this month, but with paintings wiping after a few hours and no one other than you able to see them, it’s kinda a lost cause.  Hopefully a mid-month patch will fix it up!

I have exciting news! Since I love you all SO MUCH(!), I have decided to give a little ‘Christmas’ treat. Winter treat, seasonal treat, holiday treat… whatever! It’s just going to happen to be on the day of Christmas (December 25! It’s a Sunday!).

I am going to be doing something special.  Yes this IS a vanilla server and this is a little different, but hey, let’s have a bit of seasonal fun.

Here is what I’m thinking:(feedback welcome!)

I am going to hide small boxes around the map and put goodies in them! The stockings that may be given out.. you can hang them on your wall and presents will appear in a few days! How neat! Well, at least that is what is SUPPOSED to happen.  I am currently testing this theory.  They’re neat for decoration, anyway.

It’ll be a lot of fun being able to go hide and seek boxes with fun stuff.  I suspect there will be some good PvP happening! Woo!

Thanks for being awesome,

Love to all,
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

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