Server Update 2/18 – Wipe or No Wipe

Shooting a Bear.jpg

Another new update is upon us and there has been a many changes to the server. With new people and new groups.

Moving forward, we can either keep it the way it is, or we can wipe to start over with new rules. The new update will fix a lot of issues of saves, and starting over can reset the balance of power. Maybe have everyone have a fresh start and split the teams.

Please let me know with your comments.

Wipe or No Wipe? 2/18…

-Soma Pills

iPanel Update 2/12


Here in Brave New Rust, I try to make the Rust experience the best as possible.

I know when I started this game, I was lost and I couldn’t find my way where I was going with the map.

With the iPanel Update, it gives you at least a sense of idea of where you are going. Also a counter, to let you know that you are not alone.

If you didn’t know we have a Live Map feature on the server. You just need to log in with your steam account and you can locate yourself on the Map.

This feature is made so you and your buddies can group up faster and help gather resources safer.

Info on the iPanel will be below, hope you enjoy. Thanks again for being part of the community.

Stay Rusty,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

This is a small information panel.

– In-Game / Server Time.
– Online Player counter
– Sleeper Counter
– Message box
– Airdrop alert
– Helicopter alert
– Radiation alert
– Coordinates
– Full Customization
– Custom Panels: Simple text and Icon
– Api

Chat commands:

  • /ipanel – Show the available commands
  • /ipanel hide – Hide the InfoPanel
  • /ipanel show – Show the InfoPanel
  • /ipanel clock game – The clock will show the in-game time.
  • /ipanel clock server <+/-hours> – The clock will show the RL time. You can add or remove hours.
  • /ipanel timeformat – Show the available time formats.
  • /ipanel timeformat <number> – Select your favorite time format from the list.


  • Available: (Default: true), With this option u can turn on or off a panel.
  • Dock: (Default: BottomPanel) , With this option u can choose the dock panel.
  • Order: With this option u can set the order of the panels. (Panels with the same dock and AnchorX)
  • AnchorX: (Default: Left), You can pull the panel to the left or right side of the dock. (Left/Right)
  • AnchorY: (Default: Bottom), You can pull the panel to the top or bottom of the dock/screen. (Top/Bottom)
  • Width: Panel width. (0-1)
  • Height: Panel height. (0-1)
  • Margin: (Default: 0 0 0 0.005) Panel margin (Top,Right,Bottom,Left)
  • Autoload: (Default: true) If u turn this off (false). The panel not will be displayed automatically. But other plugins can trigger it.


BNR: Server Update 2/11

New Update on Rust and the Server “Brave New Rust” has been updated 14:48

Notes are from the Dev Blog, hope you all enjoy.

Server is growing everyday and we appreciate every one of you. Thanks for making the community to grow. I will do my best to keep you updated on the latest Rust News.

Get Rekt mate,
-Soma Pills
“Brave New World” -Admin

Devblog 97

Lots of balance tweaks this update: external walls and masks are no longer OP, while the Code Lock has its damage dealt buffed. There’s the first look at the flamethrower in-game, though you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get your fingers burnt. Lots more at the official site.[]


  • New rock/concrete melee impact sounds
  • Enabled server violation score kicking by default
  • Re-enabled prefab pooling (performance)
  • Made pool.prefabs and pool.assets console commands take an optional filter argument
  • Fixed invisible external wall gate doors in the distance
  • Tweaked external wall gate LOD ranges
  • Fixed invisible barricades in the distance
  • Converted all deployables to the planner system (quality of life)
  • Fixed decay points on interior foundations being buggy and unreliable
  • Improved server side building decay performance
  • Fixed various deployable placement exploits on walls and rocks
  • Allowed tree.quality and mesh.quality convars to be > 100
  • Made mesh and tree qualities > 100 push back billboard and cull distances
  • Wall frame inserts do the same construction layer checks as walls
  • Removed hand snapping into view on hatchet vm attack & hit anims
  • Fixed some shader bugs in large monuments
  • Fixed low resolution terrain rocks
  • Fixed runtime shader errors causing invisible objects on Linux
  • Fixed culling not working properly on some objects
  • Fixed helicopter windows and rotors now fade into fog properly
  • Fixed horse hair to not fading into fog properly
  • Improved and optimized rainfall shader
  • Improved anti-aliasing
  • Tweaked important textures to work with trilinear filtering and anisotropic
  • Increased resolution on some props with extremely low resolution textures
  • Improved skin shader
  • Brought back and improved shore wetness
  • Metal facemask protection levels lowered to that of chestplate
  • Codelock does higher shock damage for wrong codes
  • External wall health balance
  • Removed traps deployables from common loot table (bp only)
  • Added skins
  • Fixed DDOS amplification exploit in steam query
  • Updated weapon mod icons
  • Added “ent who” command for admins (echos entity creator)
  • Fixed calling some RPCs when dead
  • Added command “clear” to clear the console
  • Added command “copy” to copy the console to clipboard
  • Updated EAC
  • Updated to Unity 5.3.2p3

“Sign Artist” for Rust

Did you ever wish you could upload a photo onto Rust.

Hang your favorite picture in your new home in Rust.

Well, now you can with, the Rust Plugin, “Sign Artist” you can upload any photo from the internet onto any Wooden Sign.

This can help label storage containers or have your favorite art in your cozy home.

Cheers mate, I hope you guys enjoy.

Here’s is a “Sign Artist” Tutorial

To post a picture on a “Wooden Sign”.

Search Google Image for an image. Copy Image Address.

Have your avatar look at a wooden sign picture…

and type: /sil <url>

Example: /sil

Enter, and it should post.

Watch the video if you have trouble. Hope you all have fun.

-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” -Admin

Join the “Rust Club”

Knife Fight.jpg
“Rust Club”

Hi Brave New Rust Community,

We now have our very own arena. Made for people that want to go 1 on 1 or just want to have fun.

Great for competition and practice for PvP. Come join us, its fun!

It is currently located in P9 on the MAP

Thanks, AWDfreak, Subie, Rhe, Mr. Taco for making this happen.

-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” – Admin



Server Up! 2/6 17:00

Taco Art

Server is Up! Again.

Server provider said there was a corrupt file in the save file, so couldn’t auto save.

Had to removed the file and server should be up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Any lost building lost from rollback, I will help give back building materials.

Thank you.
-Soma Pills

Server Down… Rollback 2/6

Tower Being Blown
C4 Action

The server is having a problem with the saving part on the server, the new patch seem to be buggy on the global.saves. I’m currently talking to the server provider and going through the forums to try to solve it.

I apologize for any inconvenience, I know you guys worked really hard to built up.

So once I get this all working up and running I can give you back building materials to build back again. I will try my best to keep all of your progress.

Again, sorry for the server issues. To be determine…

-Soma Pills

Devblog 96 Update 2/4 – Server UP!

rust senpai

Update is up and running. Server is brand spanking new! And we have kept all Blueprints!

Yay!!! I’m getting better in this admin stuff, so I can update you with the best information. Please let me know any suggestion that you think that would help make the server better. I will always take it under consideration.

Thank you! For being part of the “Brave New Rust: Community”

-Soma Pills
“Brave New Rust” – Admin

Update Notes for Rust:

Added sounds for all the new building parts
Fixed cupboard gib errors
Item icons + data now build to the right folder
Removed cui.test
Network backend optimizations
New floor frames (grill and hatch)
Fixed water rendering error when screen size is reported as zero
Fixed warehouse floor decal
Reduced video memory overhead by 144 MB
All collectables now use the load balanced LOD system
Updated some remaining physics calls to the new Unity physics API
Removed a worst-case second raycast in the game trace code
Fixed foundation stair placement being blocked next to triangle foundations
Fixed triangle foundation placement being blocked beneath floors
Added building stability serialization (faster server restarts and stability refreshes)
Fixed potential signage NRE when server database was deleted
Tweaked distribution of rocks and bushes


“Ladder hatches are in. As well as adding floor frames, this now makes the game 666% more sinister. This is a server wiping update, so we’ve tweaked Proc Gen a little. There’s info on the upcoming XP and levelling system, and lots more.” – Rustified, Craig Pearson